Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quindao China - Seaside Sightseeing Path 40.6km Running Route

From 25Apr-01May I visited QUINDAO China to primarily participate in an invitation golf tournament in the shipping industry. I knew before hand that I need to concentrate in my golf game during the trip to come out with a respectable standing. However, on the back of my mind I had the intentions to squeeze in between at least a couple of runs in Quindao.

Quindao is famous for SEAFOODS and TSINTAO BEER. But after having seen what the city has got to offer, it has one of the longest beach running path that you could imagine. From point to point it covers a distance of 40.6km. The pathway is either a boardwalk or cemented pathway purely dedicated for runners along a very scenic beach and coastline. The seafront has been used in the last 2008 Summer Olympics for the regatta, sea sports and rowing games. This is probably the reason why the beach area is well developed and the Marina and structures used during the olympics are still very prominent and open for the public to visit.

On 27Apr10 at 530am I did my first run. Not yet well familiar with the area and with a very chilly and windy weather of 10deg C I started from my hotel at Quindao Grand Regency Hotel and lead myself to the beach area. The view and the running pathway was an instant attraction to me. However, with very limited time and with a golf game still at hand I have to limit the run. I was only was able to make around 6km loop. However, I promised myself to make another run before returning home.

On 30Apr10 at 3:30pm with my golf games completed and already scheduled to return home the following day, I excused myself from other social events and instead did my run on the beach. This time the weather was very pleasing at 16deg C. Hoping that I would have greater coverage, I decided that I shall run point to point and take a taxi in returning to the hotel. I had two hours to take a leisure run and be back at the hotel before 6pm for other commitments. I was able to negotiate 12km during this run with interval stops to take pictures and marvel on the beauty of the scenery.

The pictures that I have posted with this blog will show you how beautiful is QUINDAO and why the city is a dream place for a leisure run, jog or just a walk. By the way, I played good in golf maybe it’s because of my running, which gives me more concentration and endurance. Regardless, I think golf and running complements each other.


  1. it is a dream for us here in the country to have such a facility and structure where people would jog, walk or run! nice pictures! you are right, golf & running complement each other. you need those steady legs on your swings and relaxed heart pulse when you putt for the money! see you soon!

  2. Wow! This is one great course/venue to run for miles and at the same time enjoy the scenery, take pictures, have beer and shrimps cocktail without having to worry about the traffic and dogs.