Sunday, May 2, 2010

VSO Bahagi Run 2010 - Late Posting

(NOTE - This is a late posting due to travel pressures)

VSO (Volunteer Service Overseas) Bahagi Run 2010 was held today 25Apr10 at McKinley Hills at Taguig City. This is the 2nd time that VSO is sponsoring a running event the last time was in the year 2008.

Although I have to travel on the same day at 12:20pm a window of opportunity provided me to join the event as I have enough time to return home and proceed to the airport after the race. This will as well condition my body to be tired and on sleeping mode during the flying time of my travel.

I arrive McKinley Hills at about 5:10am giving more than enough time for the schedule gun start at 6:00am. What caught my attention as I was parking my car was that there were not so many cars in the parking area. I then assumed I was just early, I proceeded first to the plaza area and was surprise that the area has drastically changed for the better from the last time I have been on the place. I saw Que Gavan and DJ Cloe at the booth and took the opportunity for a little chitchat.

At 5:30am I proceeded to the holding pen at the starting area and it was very evident then that the expected attendance for the event is way below the expectation. At this point I had an opportunity to meet with Jinoe Gavan of who confirmed the matter. Minutes before the starting gun, my best estimate for the 10K participants will be no more than 250 runners. At this time the 5K and 3K runners were already within the starting area waiting their turn and my best crowd estimate will be no more than 1000 runners for the combined distances of 10K/5K/3K events. This only translates to more than excess supplies for hydration, which is an advantage to those in attendance.

At exactly 6:00am the starting gun was fired and the beauty and trill of the route dawned to all. The 10k route was perfect and challenging giving the runners the challenge of the McKinley Hills and Bayani Road all the way to the Heritage Park. From the start to the finish there were more than ample supply of hydration further, marshals were stationed on critical junctions to man the safety of runners as well a provide directional guide. Distance markers were posted. Leadpack the organizers of the race event did their job well. The race was a definite WIN to all the runners that participated. The race route and the race management were the winning formula. On the other side of the coin, it was a LOSS to the organizers as the expected turnout and attendance was way below the expectation. I could only but attribute MARKETING as the weak point of the event. I hope that VSO and Leadpack will review the actions they have taken prior to the race for a much better attendance in the future. Good sponsors and competent organizers only but deserve a well-attended race.

VSO Bahagi Run 2010 was a WINNER for the runners, but is a sad LOSS to the sponsors and organizers in term of attendance. However, the race was organized professionally and delivered satisfaction and joy to the runners.

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