Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Beach 10.28k Run - Arthur Laforteza "SENIORRUNNER"

In the three years that I have embraced running as a sport and life style, I had the opportunity to meet interesting people and learned much from them. Running breeds a different type of people in general. It transcends and is beyond the social, educational, gender, religious, political and age factor of a person and instead focuses on the benefits and love for running per se.

Today, I was again blessed to these fruits of running, I had the opportunity meet and run with ARTHUR LAFORTEZA or SENIORRUNNER ( at Long Beach California and did a 10.28K run at the scenic spot of Long Beach followed by a lunch.

I came to know only of ARTHUR in my blog. Having blogged of my trip to USA, Arthur invited me to meet up and do the 10k run. Arthur is 68 years old, but, DO NOT BE FOOLED of his age as he will be able to beat a great number of young people out there in RUNNING. His latest accomplishment was completing the Orange County 21k Half-Marathon with a time of 02h06m32s last 09May10. Wow for his age I cannot even dream to attain such a time in my remaining running life. To think that the running bug just bit him only three years ago or when he was already 65 years old. Talk about late bloomers, had he started on his younger days, I just wondered how he should be now.

My son-in-law ALEX and son DENNIS accompanied me to the home of the LAFORTEZA at Long Beach, which was about 70 miles from where I am staying at Moreno Valley (a 1.5 hours drive). At about 8:10am we arrived at their home and had the opportunity to meet formally ARTHUR and his wife LUCY.

The 10.28k running route that Arthur took me was very scenic and is very foreign for a local runner like me. I will forego of words to describe the run and instead provide herewith the photographs taken during the run.

For complete photos please visit ;

After the run, Arthur hosted us for a lunch at the PARKER’S LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT. Thank you Arthur for your hospitality.

Arthur will be in Manila sometime February of next year and is very eager to join the CONDURA RUN 2011. It will be a different atmosphere of race condition, but I am pretty sure he will be a force to watch at his age.

Again, It was nice to meet you Arthur and Lucy and hope to return the favor when you come to the Philippines.


  1. Hi Amado! Thanks for the write up. Sobra yata ang build up mo sa akin. I enjoyed our ran and your company yesterday. Been thru that course many times but my first to really enjoy the scenery.

    At my age, running is not for fun anymore. It's more of a passion, to rekindle my youth and desire to stay healthy. While running, it also give me the opportunity to think of my high school days in Lingayen and college days at Mapua. Heck, I even think of the liberation (tanda na talaga). It also give me a chance to run behind my pacer and let my mind go wild.

    Enjoy your trip to SF and the scenery of Pacific Coast Highway. Try to drop by Monterey Bay and have a taste of smoked salmon and clam chowder.

    Good luck to your race and dazzle them with your awesome brisk walking.

  2. Hello Sir Amado!

    Great photos! Is that the Queen Mary in the background?

    See you on the road!

    Ray Abe

  3. Dear Arthur - Thanks. Please inform Lucy I got her mail. It was very heart warming.

    Dear Ray - Yes it is the Queen Mary on the background. See you on the road.