Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation Run - San Diego Rock and Roll / Golden Gate ETC.

On May 22nd I will be leaving with my family to visit my daughter at Moreno Valley CA. As with the previous years, I have incorporated during this annual vacation a number of runs, which I hope to accomplish before my return on June 14th.

On top of the list will be the SAN DIEGO ROCK & ROLL MARATHON which will be held on June 6th 2010. I have already a confirmed registration for this event since early February of this year. However, due to age and health condition I have downgraded my participation to only ½ marathon instead of the full marathon. Details of this marathon can be seen at

On the side, I have asked my daughter that we go for a couple of days vacation in San Francisco and is set for May 30th. Given this opportunity I plan to run on my own on May 31, 2010 from Argonaut Hotel which is just opposite PIER 45 and make a run all the way to GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE onwards to SAUSALITO for an approximate distance of 21km. I intend to run point to point and return to the hotel by taxi.

Another adventure run I intend to do with no fixed date yet will be at STA MONICA BEACH in Los Angeles.

For most of my daily run, I will be concentrated at MORENO VALLEY and within the area of LAKE PERRIS National Park. Last year I had good memories of the running routes I have made then and hope to duplicate the same this time.

Before any of the above, I still have one local race to complete on May 22, 2010 and that’s the RUN TO TRANSFORM a 15K which will cover the MOA and Roxas Boulevard area. Hopefully, the event will tire me up so that the flight to LA on the same day at night will be relaxing for me.

I hope to blog on all these runs. Wish me luck guys!


  1. Wow!! That's what I called a dedicated runner. You always find time to incorporate running in your busy business/vacation schedule.

    I thought about running the San Diego RnR but decided not to do it because of my run at the Seattle Rock n Roll on June 26.

    What about scheduling a fun run at Long Beach coast(Long Beach International Marathon Course). I will run with you.

  2. Galing NinongMads! See you here soon!


  3. alex and i are so excited na!!! pero over talagang kelangan tumakbo kahit paalis na..hmmm alam ba ni mother yan?!? hihihi.. love you dad!

  4. Dear Arthur - wow that would be great! I am free and available any date between 23-28May (please select your prefered date) you can contact me on email address to communicate and see possibility if we could make this a reality.

    Dear Roselyn - See you soon beautiful girl!

  5. HAVE A great run in the states enjoy your vacation and buy all the newest gadget in running.
    have fun - patrick concepcion runningshield

  6. All the best in your trip Sir Amado...will be there in July so will be able to run TSFM instead...Cheers!

  7. Dear Patrick - Thank you very much.

    Dear SR - Thank you too.

  8. Hi Sir Amado woohoo! That's one of my dream trip, run in all places whenever I can enjoy po...