Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slimme Run 2011 - Wet and Wild

My wife “Hermie” has been a member of The Slimmers World North EDSA since 1991 so when Slimmers World announced to have their “Slimme Run” to be held on June 25, 2011 it was but a must on my part to support the gym club membeship of my wife.

Jun 25, 2011 came but the event was cancelled then due to heavy rain two days prior to the event. This prompted the sponsor (Slimmers World International) and organizers (Argent Network International) to move the event to July 10, 2011. I was teasing then my wife that maybe in as much that they are more of gym people that are used to indoors, they are afraid of getting wet and that rain prevents them to run.

For whatever reasons the weather today July 11, 2011 was no better than the weather then when it was originally scheduled. I teased again my wife that Slimmers World better not cancel again this time. We arrived at the venue (Bonifacio Global City) at 5:20am and I was relieved to see that the stage, booths and starting/finishing line was rigged. At about the same time I could see a good number of vehicles arriving and entering the parking area. For sure this event is going to push through!

I checked-in at the starting gate just before 5:30am and by then I heard from the emcees that the start for the 10k category has been delayed to 6am. With the rain, I thought the wait was a reasonable one. Just when I was thinking how to keep myself warm for another 30 minutes, the emcees called the Slimmers World dancers/staff for a warm up. When the girls started dancing, I forgot the time and started enjoying the graceful and tempting moves of those gorgeous girls. With the rain continuously pouring, runners at the starting coral were dancing their heart away unmindful of the rain. Had the sponsors/organizers cancelled the run there and then I would not complaint with the gorgeous girls dancing! Anyways, the 30 minute wait run so fast and during that time the crowd has build up and at exactly 6am the starting gun was sounded.

The race route was on the usual BGC streets with last minute modification to avoid flooded streets. I was apprehensive at first with light to moderate rain showers, however, I could see that all participants were enjoying running in the rain with the lower temperature that goes with the rain. The race logistics (water station, marshals on junctions, directional signs and distance markers) well managed by the organizers it was a smooth run. Congratulations to Argent Network for a job well done in handling the technical aspect of the race. I crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of 01h08m30s. A great run in the rain.

As I crossed the finish line, I came across a long queue of which I assumed was for the giveaways. I have never bother on my usual races to get my giveaways, but, I was a bit intrigued to see that guys have a big boxes of Purefoods Meat Products so I patiently queued the line. It was good of me to be patient this time as the giveaway was quite generous consisting of 500g German Franks, 500g Cheese Franks, 200g Bologna, 200g Spiced Ham and 200g Salami which contains the Purefoods Gift Box. There was another bag that contained 200ml Nivea Body Moisturizer, 150ml Intense Cologne, a bottle of Fit/Right, 100 plus, Summit Water, two cans of San Marino Tuna and assorted of vitamins and what have you. It was just like coming in from a grocery store, very generous loot bags.

Even with rain continuously pouring, the awarding and program after the race was well attended by the runners (in as much that they are already wet).

Slimmers World International, it was a "wet and wild"run and a very much enjoyable and well organized run. Congratulations!

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