Sunday, July 24, 2011 Runfest 2011 - "Lutong Bahay" is the largest RUNNING community and website in the Philippines. It has been three years since its birth in July 2008 which was conceptualized by sweethearts then (spouses now) Jinoe and Que Gavan with close running friends. For a short period of time is now an institution with the running community in the Philippines. has been very close to my heart for I seen the group grow in numbers and mature to its task in coming up with a holistic running community. The group does not have the written structural leadership but has been working on its day to day affairs more on voluntarism and love/passion of individual members and our course the dedication and passion of Jinoe and Que in the field of running. The community does not limit itself to running, but, has ever since as well been committed to social responsibility having been involved in many social works in the past. I for one have been supportive of the community and am proud to consider myself part of this community (there is no formal membership to the community).

It was therefore a must on my part to participate in the “ Runfest 2011” even if there was another race on the same day. But what really was the strong point of the runfest today? The Runfest 2011 was a "LUTONG BAHAY” a “HOME COOKED MEAL”. 

I could not find any better analogy on how the event was held today. It was perfect, great and fantastic in all aspect for the event was an offering of runners for runners in the spirit of volunteerism. It may lack the grand scale presentations and commercialism of big running events we are use of now, but, it was meant to be a simple event of runners. It is as I have said a “Lutong Bahay” a great meal, good taste and labor of love as what we are fed at home. Comparatively not on the same scale as on a five star hotel food but definitely on much intimate and personal touch.

I participated in the 16k event today and completed the race in 02h03m48s (unofficial time). The figure may not be fantastic but the joy in my heart in seeing the volunteers manning whatever has been tasked to them and the encouraging words and smile you see in their faces were the highlights for me for the Runfest 2011.

Happy 3rd Anniversary  

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