Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yamaha Run For Heroes - Making Time

The past few days have been a very hectic on my personal schedule that it has destroyed my usual daily routine. Last Friday 01Jul11 I have to fulfill my promise to my son Dennis to bring him to “Transformers 3” on 3D at the Sharila-la Plaza (the effects and how the films was made was great, however, for somebody my age the fight scene every minute was too much for my ears and eyes to handle for a 2.5 hrs movie) which lasted until 12:30am only to be home at 1:30am. Then wake up at 4am for a golf tee time at 6:00am (you could just imagine how terrible my score was! My golf buddies were just happy to get even on our wagers!). I was back at home by 1:00pm then went for a needed nap and by 5:30pm was on our way to a birthday party (for the oldies) that lasted until 11:30pm (this was to accommodate my wife’s pleasure in ballroom dancing!). Arrived home at 12:30am and was awake at 4:30am to participate at the Yamaha Run for Heroes (10k category) at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). You have just to make time to satisfy all and maintain a balance family life.

I was running late when I reached BGC that I met up with the 21k runners (there was a great number of them and I know that this will be a well attended event) at the Rizal Drive at about 5:20am (leaving me only 10 minutes to catch the 10k start at 5:30am). I squeezed my van through the traffic, parked and was literally running to the starting line. When I reached the starting line, the starting gun has already been sounded. I jumped over the coral fence to catch the tail end of the 10k runners. This is one race that I do not need any warm up as my catching the starting gun was more than a warm up by itself.

After the 10k runners there were also the 5k and 3k runners who consisted of the bulk of the participants. This event was organized by RunRio which again did a great job in handling all the aspects of a road race to the satisfaction of the participants. I do not exactly the number of participants, but this event was definitely well attended.

One special experience I had for the Yamaha Run For Heroes was the majestic scene of runners which was visible as you traverse 8th Avenue leading to Kalayaan Avenue as you will witness a sea of runners on both lanes of 8th avenue (Sorry I did not have my camera then with me). It was a sight to behold as it was also the converging straight course for all the race distance category which was the reason for the great volume of runners at that time and instant.

I finished the 10k event with an unofficial time of 01h12m06s fully satisfied of how the event was handled and how I was able to squeeze the Yamaha Run For Heroes with very little sleep/rest with a decent performance.

The run was for my personal satisfaction and need. I am happy that in the process I was also able to fulfill and satisfy the need(s) of my family. Keep everybody happy!

Making Time!

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