Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abridge Version PIM 22.24km

(Left click and hold down mouse to navigate the map)

When the Philippine International Marathon (PIM) released its promotional information and registration details sometime in September 2009, I was discouraged to take note then that the 42k had a cut-off time of 5 hours. As much as I wanted to partake, I do not have the capability to finish within the cut-off time. The route of the 42k is intriguing with the crossing of so many known bridges at Pasig River.

The next available distance is 10k which is too short and will only cover the span of Roxas Boulevard which is an old beaten route used in so many races in the past. However, wanting to support the project in keeping Pasig clean, I registered for the 10k distance just the same to show support if not for the registration fee as a donation contribution for the worthy project.

Today 3Nov09 while I was doing my normal laps at the Ultra oval a crazy idea came into my mind, why not do the route of PIM and modify it to my personal needs and capability. That is, (a) already registered for 10k ... done my civic duty in contributing my P250 registration for the Pasig funds ... all race distances fee is P250.00 ... I then will partake in the PIM not a “bandit” but as a paying participant. (b) join the start of the 42k race (c) run the route from Quirino Grandstand until Pioneer street in Mandaluyong only .... I would then be able to cross (1) Del Pan Bridge (2) Jones Bridge (3) McArthur Bridge (4) Ayala Bridge (5) Nagtahan Bridge (6) Lambingan Bridge (7) Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge (8) Guadalupe Bridge. That would be a total of eight (8) bridges. (c)From Guadalupe Bridge instead of turning right to Pioneer Street I just go straight to my home at Paragon Plaza...... what a convenient way to finish a race (d)distance for this route is a good 22.24k measured by using the route details and imposing it on (as shown above)

This will be a very unique run that I intend to take photos of each bridge that I do cross, take my time and enjoy running the busy streets in Metro Manila with marshals to assist my right of way, water stations for hydration and the company of so many runners. In the end I will be within the 5 hours cut-off time considering I will only cover 22.24km. Hehehehe I am happy of this ABRIDGE VERSION!

Maybe some of you would also like to make your own ABRIDGE VERSION of the Philippine International Marathon.


  1. nice race strategy! see you at the starting line!

  2. ganda ng idea mo sir amado! i'm prepping for my first full and you just gave me an idea where to do a 22K LSD this Sunday. is the registration for PIM still open?

  3. Dear BR - see you at the starting line!

    Dear Paul - PIM will also have a registration on site for last minute joiners. The race kit for those that registered earlier will only be available tomorrow Friday 06Nov09.

  4. Haha nice one Sir! Good luck!

  5. Wow very scenic , and very smart route Sir Amado! Good luck and have fun! See you tomorrow :)