Monday, November 23, 2009

Fit N Right Run Vs. Unfit and Wrong of the Race

The “Fit N Right” of the race

- The RIDF timing device for all 3/5/10k (awaiting posting of results)
- Loot Bag of generous samples of Del Monte products
- Marketing of the Race resulting to a good number of participants

The “Un-FIT and Wrong” of the Race

- Chaos at the starting line. No crowd control 3k/5k runners mingled with the 10k starters even if each category has a different starting time.

- Collection of race packets on race day causing delay. Race started 25 minutes LATE.

- Program prior to race. Runners came to run and not listen to MCs talk and say hellos, do their cute acts, etc. the most important person is the race director after he gives his instruction race should start immediately.

- There is nothing wrong with warm ups but do it 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the race and do not do it when runners are already at the starting line as there is no space to move.

- By rules, to start a race you need to warn runners, on this race there was a program still ongoing (booed and shouted by runners to stop and go on with the race), and without any warning the starting gun just sounded. There was no coordination between the starter and the MCs(who were even surprised that the race already started.

- There were no distance markers only directional markers.

- For the 10k participants water was only available for the first 5km, there was no water available after 5km. For the 5km runners as they also used the same route as the 10k participants, I doubt if they were able to have their share of hydration. By rules, there should always be a water station at the finish line NONE WAS AVAILABLE.

- No accompanying written instruction on the RFID on the race packet. On race day the MC keep on saying “do not remove the SINGLET from your race bib” referring to RFID sensors as “singlets”.

- Chaos at the finish line. No crowd control.

Issues awaiting actions from PATAFA

The race director prior to the race announced that a big plus factor of the event is PATAFA accreditation. It makes me wonder what checklist or requirement does PATAFA require from a race organizer to stamp their accreditation to a race event? If they have requirements, how come the race failed very miserably on so many aspects? In as much that accreditation was given by PATAFA to the said race, will PATAFA do a post-race report/analysis?

Calling PATAFA .............

Photos to share during the event

Mr. Andrew Neri of Milo Marathon Events and his beautiful wife (practising runners)

The Jazzrunner

The generous Loot Bag

The Samba drums


  1. maybe, what PATAFA certified is only the race distance. again, a booboo by the MC. did anyone measure the course with a GPS watch?

  2. Dear Nestor - When PATAFA accredits a race event accreditation is not only for the distance but for the conduct, manner, technical needs, logistical needs, and others that a race event should be in conformity to rules and regulations adopted by PATAFA. The distance for 10k with my Garmin 405 was 10.19 which was good.