Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Triangular Equation Of A Race Event

TRIANGLE is one of the basic shapes of Geometry with three corners or VERTICES and three sides which are line segments. There are three basic types of a triangle, (a) equilateral- all sides have the same length (b) isosceles – two sides are equal (c) scalene – all sides and internal angles are different from one another.

There is no better way to explain the equation of a RUNNING EVENT but to associate the whole concept into a triangle. The RUNNING TRIANGLE is represented by the following;

THE SPONSOR – Base Of The Triangle
This is the most important part of the RUNNING EVENT TRIANGLE (RET). The idea to hold a running event emanates from the sponsor. The sponsor sets the goals, mission and vision (GMV) of the intended race event. It is also the sponsor that determines how grand or how austere will the event by formulating a working budget (WB) to attain the GMV. By this process, the area of the triangle is determined and will dictate in the end the scope of exposure or length of triangular side for the race organizer and that of the runner. On most cases the sponsor assumes the role of a Race Manager (RM) which is responsible for the overall financial operation, getting additional sub-sponsors, events promotions, logistical needs i.e. t-shirts, medals, give-aways etc. On certain cases matters is shared and/or designated/passed-on to the race organizer (RO)

It is also at this level that formulation of the business and commercial aspect of the race event is set. For tax shelter purposes normally a “charitable institution” is designated as recipient of funds as a charitable work. Have you ever wondered why all races have a charitable institution attach into the race?

THE RACE ORGANIZER – Side A Of The Triangle
Selection of a race organizer is a crucial task for the sponsor in as much that the race organizer is the operational and technical arm of the event. On some arrangements either due to financial or organizational capability of the sponsor, logistical task for t-shirts, media promotion, registration or other selected or determined scope may be designated by the sponsor (should they be also the RM) either singularly, selectively or collectively to the race organizer (RO). On certain cases the RO purely handles the technical aspect and actual operation of the race event.

Selection of a race organizer is dependent on the WB. A class A-1 race organizer will demand a professional fee running in hundreds of thousand even to seven digit figure depending on the magnitude of the race event. Of course there with always be race organizer whose professional fee is cheap but the standard and delivery of service will as well be wanting or better categorize as “in doubt”.

The RO is the life and soul of a running event and on most cases will spell the success or failure of handling the race for start to finish. Accordingly, these people are the answerable to whatever complaint or shortfalls the race will deliver.

THE RUNNER – Side B Of The Triangle
The RUNNER completes the triangular side of the equation. The major contributory factor of the runner is its participation, eagerness and response to the event. However, the runner has its participation on the financial aspect of the event in form of “registration fee”. Abroad the registration fee is quite substantial, however, in the Philippines registration fee is on the average of P300 to a high of P500. The participatory of the runner locally could only relieve the sponsor for the cost of the “singlet” and the cost for the registration and issuance of a race bib. Obviously, the bulk of the expenses shall be on the operation budget of the Race Sponsor. With the coming of “timing chips” cost dictates that a portion of the registration need to be increased for this usage, however, bulk of the cost still will have to be funded by the sponsor for prestige purposes.

Going back to the triangle, the area of a triangle can be determined by the equation;

S=Area b=length of base h=height or altitude of the triangle which in a race event is;

Magnitude of Race Event = 1/2 commitment of the sponsor x length of the perpendicular unto Race Organizer and Runner.

In the end the SPONSOR is life and source of a Race Event ably supported on equated portions by the Race Organizer and Runners. One without the other will not create a racing event. And that with one side poorly contributing to the length of the side of the triangle will create an area or magnitude short of delivering a successful race event.

So next time you analyze and/or critique a race event, identify the people behind the triangle of a race event, mark their performance and contribution which shall guide you on which races to participate this coming 2010 race calendar.

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  1. nice post! what makes a race a perfect one if the SPONSORS are also seasoned runners. another observation also is that our race organizers do not have the "balls" to explain their side on matters pertaining to technical complaints from runners like lack of water & cups, accuracy of distance, and delayed publication of race results. almost always,the sponsors are the ones issuing official statements.