Sunday, November 15, 2009

TIMEX RUN - The Standard Future Local Races Need To Replicate

Coach Rio Dela Cruz is a known race organizer and manager with a long list of races under his belt. However, his past race accomplishments have obtained varied feedback/ratings from fair, good or great or even short of expectation. However as a rule of a thumb, races that are organized by Coach Rio are worth the money to participate in.

Today for the TIMEX RUN, Coach Rio Dela Cruz has surpassed his previous level of performance in terms as race organizer and race manager. I have only but praises in the manner the TIMEX RUN was done today. I have joined so many races in the past and have seen race events that were conducted either good or very good, but, the TIMEX RUN today will be “the standard of race event” that future races will be compared and critiqued.

Just before the race Coach Rio shared with the racing community that he is “tense” and “scared” with all the preparation and holding of the event. A person of his experience and stature should not be, but, I think he felt that way as he has put all his personal touch and effort to ensure the success of the event. All your effort paid off coach Rio! This race is nothing short of excellent and a standard comparative if not even better that those held abroad.

What were the contributing factors that spelled excellent delivery of this race? Registration and delivery of race pack was a simple process with no extra fanfare but was easy and fast. The race has the “timing chip” for the competitive distances and a fnishers medal for the 21k. The layout and equipments used in the start/finish line are but only the best. The sound system was loud, crisp, and powerful. The MCs were informative as well as entertaining. The stage for the awarding ceremony was big. The courtesy booths within the activity area where well attended and manned. There was a clear system in collection of loot bags and water after the race. There were 24 portalets available for the general running public nicely laid-out. There were three (3) tents accepting depository of personal bags. There were a great number of “stationary marshals” as well as “roving marshals”. There were more than sufficient number of hydration stations along the route offering both water and 100 plus. The hydration tables were set up on the middle of the road to accommodate incoming and outgoing runners. The tables used for hydration were long as needed. There were even nice and beautiful ladies from Robinson Land giving cheers and water. The traffic flow was well controlled by the marshals. Even irritant motorist were being pacified. And finally on the finish line it was systematic with the added presence of the David Salon Girls to greet you as you enter the finish line. Lastly, there is even a courtesy tent to show the Manny Pacquiao fight. No doubt this is a well organized race that should be replicated in all other future races.

On the PIOLO PASCUAL fever of the TIMEX RUN, I was surprised that he completed the 10k in 47min54sec placing 21st in the male category, wow! he does have the legs and the lungs to go with the looks. He is not only good looking, but, an accomplished runner as well. I like in particular how he delivered the opening prayers prior to the race. I think he is in good company when he teamed with Coach Rio.

Congratulations TIMEX and most especially to Coach Rio for an excellent job! If this is a prelude to the RunRio Trilogy then we have only but great things to expect.

Sharing to all the following pictures;

VINCE MENDOZA givings instructions on the program sequence

COACH RIO, all smile even on tense situation.

COURTESY TENT for the Manny Pacquiao and Cotto Fight

STATIONARY MARSHALS getting their IDs and uniform

Posterior View of PIOLO PASCUAL and COACH RIO 10km in 47minutes GREAT!!!

Incoming 10K and outgoing 21k at the KALAYAAN BRIDGE

LONG TABLES and in the middle of the road for Hydration

Both INCOMING and OUTGOING RUNNERS can use the hydration table at the same time

DAVID SALON GIRLS at the Finish Line to welcome you.

Festive mode at the grounds after the race

twenty four (24) Portalets

And a Finisher's Medal for the 21k runners


  1. Thanks for sharing Sir Amado. Am very happy to hear that Coach Rio delivered on this one, given the hoopla surrounding the pricing and all. And Piolo.... shocked the world? Outstanding time, guess he took his training seriously. *starts planning out strategy to outrace Piolo's 10k time* :P

  2. haha, i knew hndi matitiis ni GBM na magcoment since i read recently he made sub50 at 10k PIM. C piolo ngayn lng ata sumali nag 47mins agad. Grabe, parang yoko na magtraining 2loy. Hehe.

  3. Dear Luis - just like what Roelle commented tinalo ni Piolo and sub-50 mo. Pero di naman kayo nagkakalayo sa figura! see that is how to love your friends!

    Dear Roelle - You said it right. Pero its unfair! Piolo already has the looks bakit is he also blessed with good running legs. If he takes its seriously he has great potential. Kawawa naman tayong ordinary mortals...

  4. On the downside Sir, all of us who experienced Rio's fanfare at the Timex run would now be critical of other races that do not meet the standards Timex has set. I think Rio just placed a lot of pressure upon the shoulders of not just the other organizers but also upon himself and his upcoming Runrio races.