Friday, November 27, 2009

Garmin 310XT - Thanksgiving Gift

Much has been reviewed and written about the Garmin 310XT since its debut middle of this year. As such, I shall not be dealing on the technical and functional aspect for the training device, rather I wish to share the circumstances I got one.

Sometime April this year I gifted myself of a Garmin Forerunner 405. I find the same to my satisfaction with all its technical capabilities. However, I felt disappointment after only three months not because it has mal-functioned or the device quit on me, but, it was outdated by a newer model, the 310XT. Had I known then that a new model was coming up I would have rather waited to save the cost.

Having read so many good reviews of the 310XT, I asked my daughter Dawn who is a doctor in Moreno Valley CA to check availability and cost. At about the same time then, she was asking me to hand her down my old DSLR Camera a Sony Alpha 100 which I readily agreed. After a week or so she came back and told me the cost of the 310XT plus a heart rate monitor to go with it. Then she asked me how I would like to pay for the unit. This more or less made me feel down and disappointed as I was contemplating on a swap between my DSLR and the 310XT. I then just told her that the item was expensive so I have not decided to buy it at this time and will wait a while. I intentionally did not talk to her for a week so I think she got the message.

To cut the story short, I now have 310XT courtesy of my daughter Dawn and son-in-law Alex whom I would like to thank both for the “thanksgiving gift” sometimes the parents need to make “lambing” while I can easily afford one, but, a gift from a love one is very precious thing. Kaya nga tinawag “magulang” dapat magulang sa lahat ng bagay at di mag-papagulang sa mga anak. Joke only.

Anyways, the Sony DSLR Alpha 100 is my thanksgiving gift to both Alex and Dawn. I am so happy of my new toy. Thank you Alex and Dawn.

The Garmin Forerunner 405 is now for sale, any buyers out there?


  1. ah! sayang ang babata pa ng mga anak ko. di pa ako mabibili ng garmin. :D

    but did u get the 405 working again? I thought it malfunctioned? how much? pwede tumawad?

    "magulang" din ako. Ahehehe.


  2. Dear Roelle - the 405 is in A-1 conditon if you are serious look at it first and you give me your price.

  3. your SONY camera is more expensive than your new running "toy" but coming from Dawn & Alex, your watch is priceless! warning: that watch is approropriate for ultrarunners!

  4. that's a really nice thanksgiving gift! enjoy your new toy sir!

  5. hi amado. may i get your suggestion on which is better between 405cx and 310xt? I'm confused which one i should buy?:) Thanks.