Sunday, March 15, 2009

Audit Report - "Run For Their Lives!"

In a Quality Management System (QMS) an integral part of the system is an internal/external quality audit report wherein findings either as an observations or non-conformity are issue to audited party for the continued improvement of the system in place. In this post I would like to log a race walkers audit findings for the 10K “Run For Their Lives!” as hosted by Rotary Club of Makati West which was held today March 15, 2009 at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

I arrived at the venue at 5:30am there were already a lot of participants and gallery at hand. I tried to look for familiar faces and saw that the mobile “donate a shoe” booth of Bald Runner was already positioned prominently about 100 meters from the starting line. Ghie, the daughter of Major Espejo was manning the station. Afterwards, met Major Espejo whom I have not seen for a about a week, which is quite a long time considering I use to see him daily a month before. Coach Salazar was also at the starting area who was awaiting the arrival of Jonie to give her bib and registration.

The first and immediate impression you will have of the race is that this is definitely a “well funded” race event. What with Rotary Club Makati West as its sponsor definitely there will be a lot of donors particularly of a very worthy cause the “Gift Of Life Project” that saves lives of children born with congenital heart defects. A touching moment was the “ceremonial run” of children beneficiaries of the program. When I saw the faces of the children, I told myself whatever be my audit findings of the race itself I would like already to congratulate Rotary Club of Makati West for the continued success of this project which they have now link to a “Charity Run”.

The starting area, ushers and marshals, sound system, mc, timing system, starting chute were all perfect and ideal. Only a minor comment is when a representative from Extribe or Rotary (I am not sure exactly) initially mentioned that the event is a non-competitive event and that participants should take matters easily. However, this was later corrected by the same speaker that the event is a competitive run with prizes at stake and what he meant was run safely. This is a very minor “observation” as any race event is a competitive event, otherwise, you do not call it a race.

Countdown and starting gun was on norms. Having decided again to do a runners race event by race walking mode, I would like to shift now to my audit findings on the runners rather than the race event (except km 9 remarks)

0 Kilometres = positioned myself at the near end of the starting chute to give way to runners.

1 Kilometres = noticed “occasional” and “beginner” runners all out. As a race walker this part of the race is difficult as you feel that you are being left behind by all.

2 Kilometres= as a race walker you now have warmed up and begin to pick up pace at the same time this is where you start to see “non-runners” start to lose ground and overwhelmed by their initial pace.

3 Kilometres= started to gain ground with other “casual runners”. At this part of the race (prior entry to Libingan ng mga Bayani) experienced to compete road access with insistent vehicles/traffic.

4 Kilometres= I was joined at this stage by a certain Rudy (I hope I got the name correctly) whom I met on my previous runs at Bonifacio high street and same joined me on race walk mode.

5 Kilometres= at the McKinley Hills with the down slope contour lost ground to runners as race walkers have difficulty on down slopes.

6 Kilometres= was fascinated to see that there was a “drum team” with majorettes to push runners to continue and give their best. This was a welcome sight a very minute scale of road entertainment.

7 Kilometres= this is the strength of race walker against casual runners as it was mostly uphill climb and at this stage Rudy and I overtook 23 runners.

8 Kilometres= course stabled to flat again and one thirds of those we overtook earlier started to reverse ground again.

9 Kilometres= this was the biggest surprise of the race and my only major non-conformity issued to the race organizers (Extribe) the distance from 8 to 9 kilometers was only about 450 meters no more than 500 meters the most. I later called the attention of an organizer’s representative at the finish line. Maybe the marker was not adjusted as the route was adjusted just prior to the race, omitting the Bayani Road section.

10 Kilometres= this is where the other one third of those we earlier overtook also gained grounds on race walking. I crossed the finish line with a time of 01h09m31s for an average speed of 8.63km/hr and pace of 6.95min/km. Safely, I could say that there were more than 50 runners at my back.

Crossing the finish line was smooth and hassle free with orderly time keeper and the best was just before you exit you are given a FINISHERS MEDAL. See below;

There were many things going on after the race, a lot Binibining Pilipinas beauties floating around and a number of give-aways, hydration and even food. My Congratulations to Rotary Club of Makati West for a great and worthy race event and hope you continue the same next year. To the organizers (Extribe), congratulations as well for well managed race event other than 8-9 distance marker.

Lastly I do also wish to share photos of the distribution of “Donated Shoes” to Bald Runner (Gen.Jovie Narcise) by different individual and groups. I wish also to call those who have “not so old shoes” or “retired shoes” to donate the same to the advocacy of Bald Runner.

In this running community, there are many individuals/groups that I have met which possesses big hearts to run as well as big hearts for their charity/service work in the community. I shall continue to walk in your race steps guys!

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