Friday, March 13, 2009

Kamote Juice - care for some?

Yesterday 12Mar09 was the last session for the 1st batch of “Health and Nutrition Seminar” held at the Paseo Parkview Suites in Makati City.

Again, I shall not touch on the subject matters that were taken up during the session. I do not like to pre-empt or influence whatever benefits and/or views the participants for the 2nd batch of the same seminar will personally have. The 2nd batch will be held on the same venue on 19th and 26th March 2009. Rather, I would like to share my practical application of what interested me a lot during our dinner last night.

As with the 1st session a light dinner was provided for free during the seminar. For the 2nd session some of what I could remember that was served were unpolished steamed rice, vegi-meat, some pasta, a “buko sana” instead of a buko salad, others that I could not remember at this time and the subject of this post which is the “KAMOTE JUICE.”

Wanting to put what I’ve learned into practise, I today bought two (2) bundles of “talbos ng kamote” costing P5.00/bundle and ¼ kilo of Kalamansi costing P25.00 for a total cost of P30.00

Step 1- wash the “talbos ng kamote” and remove the leaves from the stem.
Step 2- place 2 liters of water on pot and dip the Kamote leaves and allow to boil for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3- while boiling the kamote leaves, extract the juice from the kalamansi and place in a clean glass.
Step 4 – remove the kamote leaves and strain the kamote juice to a clean pitcher. Do not throw away the kamote leaves as you can eat the same with your meal. “NO WASTAGE” and lots of fiber.

Step 5 – Mix the kalamansi extract with the kamote juice and immediately the liquid turns into violet reddish color from a blackish color. Experience first-hand the wonders of oxidation.

Step 6 – Add sugar/artificial sugar to taste and allow to cool.
Step 7 – served with ice on a presentable goblet or the like.

For my tasters, I served the drink to my office staffs who gave their thumbs up for taste and double thumbs up for the appearance. Now I can say at least I got to make my very own kamote juice, very tasty and nutritious at that. I am just wondering if it gives the same gas content as an ordinary kamote?


  1. nice post mr castro. i'll try to make some this weekend for the kids. :)


  2. Rod - may I suggest that when you do it for the kids get them involved particularly when you mix the kalamansi dahil its like magic when the color turn to violet/reddish in front of their eyes. Then its going to be easy for you to convince them to drink it. Have fun!

  3. Nice, Mr. Castro. Immediately, you have proven the wonders of what was taught us. I'd try to do the same and hope that the kids will be amazed.

  4. Mar/Pojie- if my staff were amazed no doubt your kids will be. The best thing is when the color changes in front of their eyes.

  5. i will make acamote juice and see how efeective is this kind of juice.

  6. ill try this to be the presentation of our talbos ng kamote juice contest in school.. hope tasters will like it..