Sunday, March 1, 2009

DocFit - "Takbo Para Sa Puso"

DocFit Run – “Tabko Alay Sa Puso” The event was held today 01Mar09 at UP Diliman. The race route covered mainly the arterial roads within the UP campus which is basically flat, shady and very ideal for beginners. My primary interest in joining the race was to see if Coach Rio will be able to replicate his manner of race organization as what he has done a week before with the RUNew which received a high approval rating.

Bottom line.... not only was the race well organized, but, has improved on whatever flaw there was on the delayed start of RUNew (this time it started exactly at 6am as scheduled). DocFit is again an example of how a race should be organized. The sound, mc, start/finish chute, distance markers, water stations, marshals, singlets, distribution of giveaways were all in place and to satisfaction of any racer. The best of all, race result is posted within the day of the race. Check it at it is already posted.

I intentionally would like to make special mention of the PORTALETS that were provided. On all of the road races I have joined in the past, I have never had any experience in using the said facility locally as I have made sure always to prepare myself not to be in need of such. Although, I have used such facility abroad in Kuala Lumpur during the 12 Hour Walk I joined last December 2008, it was basically just a something, somewhere to relieve yourself which rocks as you move inside, the door slams and bangs as you close and with an unavoidable smell. However, today I got a “first hand report” from an actual user whom I will not name as I promised him/her who made used of the facility provided and was surprised to see that the portalets have “tissue” and “deodorizers” in them. The facility did came handy. It was a lesson to learn for him/her to always TRY to do your thing prior to any race. Maybe this is easily said than done, but, there is no way to run with a rumbling stomach. Portalets used today according to my “informant” was perfect! It almost became a "takbo para sa cr" for him/her.

To Coach Rio and your staff CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN for a well organized race. Now, other race organizers have something to match and/or even target to exceed.

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