Thursday, March 19, 2009

Check List - "Condura Run 09"

With 3 days more before the much awaited Condura Run 09 “Skyway Run For The Whale Sharks” training period for the event is at end and time to taper on physical activities and concentrate on carbo loading till Sunday. From today, will also be the best time to check and double check our equipments to be used during the race may we be running the 21K or any distance at that.

Running Shoes:
Your running shoes are perhaps the most critical piece of equipment on the race day it can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. If your running shoes are of poor quality or do not fit properly then the implication can be a result of either blisters or common running injuries.

You should ensure for a shoe that offers comfort and support. Your running shoe should also be light enough for your needs. There are no hard and fast rules as to the best type of shoe because it depends from athlete to athlete. Cardinal rule is never to use a brand new shoes on a race day make sure whatever running shoes you have decided to use it has passed its break-in stage.

Apart from having a fitting running shoes, your socks are the main piece of equipment that is going to stop you from developing blisters. The most common reason for getting blisters is from wearing cotton socks. The reason for this is that cotton socks keep moisture close to your skin. It is this wet skin that then is most prone to blisters due to the additional friction that is built up. The ideal way to prevent this blistering from occurring is to use acrylic fibre socks that wick the sweat and moisture away from your feet. The reason being is that your skin develops less friction when it is dry.

The best clothing to wear is both light-weight, loose and does not rub. The best on the market are either light nylon, Coolmax or Polypro. Avoid cotton clothing because not only does it stay wet but is also prone to cause excessive rubbing and skin rash.

No matter just how good your clothing is, it is inevitable that at somestage you will experience either chaffing or blistering during the race. Assuming you have put time in training for the race, you should have by now known the areas that continuously chaff and blister, such as under your arms or your inner thighs. Once you know which areas regularly chaff then you can apply some cream to these parts. Test to find which creams work best for you. The best creams on the market are Vaseline, Runners Lube and Body Glide. If you already have chaffing, the diaper rash ointment A+D Ointment works wonders, as it soothes burning and promotes rapid healing.

So as not to forget anything, an ideal CHECKLIST would have the following;

Race shoes
Race clothing . shorts, singlet, underwear, socks
Bib/race number
Sun Glass
Sun cream
Safety pins
Toilet paper
Sports drinks
Foods . gels, raisons, power bars etc.

My best wishes to all! See you at the starting line on Sunday. Skyway here we are.....


  1. Maybe a cap, since it will probably be sunny and hot on the Skyway?

  2. MJ - Definite a cap, I did forgot about that!

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