Sunday, March 22, 2009

Condura Run09 - Skwalker on Skyway Audit Report

What makes CONDURA RUN differ from other running events that we have locally in the Philippines? Is the difference on the plus side? What did the sponsors and organizers promised? Where they able to deliver?

The Event is an “advocacy” (key word) by the Concepcion family, Ton Concepcion the President of Condura and Patrick Concepcion Vice President for Services Concepcion Industries. An event created by runners for runners inspired by international marathon.There were 10 promises that the organizers openly made for the event and I will to list them item for item so that we all could provide our assessment;

1. The Route
This is one of the best if not the very best route. Katipunan overpass and making use of the Skyway passing to Buendia. The organizer did their very best that the route be free from vehicular traffic which I would say was 95% fulfilled. The 5% is attributed to reckless driver who still insist to do their thing even with traffic marshals manning their post.

2. 4 Races : 1 Event
A great come-on to all runners of different level of skills. Maybe next year we could expect a full marathon distance?

3. Fun Events
Great costumes and attires for those that participated. I was just too involved in the 21K that I think most of those who joined entered the lower distance category.

4. The Condura Expo
I did not personally participated/visited the booths but they where there. I liked when all the delivery trucks of Condura was positioned at the gathering area and their headlights were switched on. Great theatrical effect.

5. Cool Giveaways and Raffles
There were a lot and the distribution was not a hassle to the runners which was great. Personally, I have used the Nike 10% discount three times so that was great and the best thing again it was facilitated as the Nike sore without too much ado.

6. Feel like an Olympian for a day
The crowd and the atmosphere was just perfect and the organizers were able to maintain orderliness in the starting/finish chutes. Minor thing to mention is that maybe the organizers were as well overwhelmed by the great number of participants on each race event that they were a little bit conservative in space provided at the starting chute, however, they kept on expanding the area as they see that congestion was being experienced. As for the finishing line, very well organized and the handling of giveaways as you come-in was perfect.

7. Run with the Stars
I did see a handful of “stars” as you might say, but, for me the “STARS” in capital letters for the event were the participants. The different sectors of the running community that supported the event and individuals were overwhelming. You could easily feel the positive energy at the starting line as well as the finishing line.

8. The Champions Circle
The elite runners not only were motivated by the prizes, but, I think they want the name Condura Run in their collections of trophies. What with all the excitement the run has generated.

9. Finishers Medals for Half Marathon Finishers
For ordinary runners the finishers medal for the 21K and certificates for all the other race events where a thing that ordinal people remember and keep for a long time.

10 Running for the Whale SharksGreat “cause” to run. With the first year for “Tubbataha Reef” and the second year for the “Whale Shark” what would the 3rd year be?

The Condura Run although only on its 2nd year has definite carved a name in the Running Events in the country. The organizers say they are the “premier running event”, I would say that if they are not there yet definitely they are going that way no questions asked! Lastly, maybe it is about time to expand the horizon, a full marathon for 2010! What do you say Mr. Ton and Patrick Concepcion? Congratulations to all those who were in one way or another involved in bringing this great event for the running community.

My personal audit to myself, I am now a full pledge “SKYWALKER” having completed the 21K with a time of 02h40m30s a target goal fulfilled which was set after my simulated Condura Run as posted on my previous blog. To CHRISTIAN DALIDA thank you for joining me in walking the sky. To all finishers, I hope you got fulfilment in your own individual run. As they say, life goes on and let us prepare for the next event!


  1. Congratulations sir Amado! you're truly a Skywalker! May the force be with you ala Starwars, hehehe. God bless!

  2. Well done you must be very proud of your acheivment. Keep walking and enjoying, I too love racewalking and have been doing it for two years now. Its a great way to keep fit and feeling young.

  3. Bro J - Thank you. Only this skywalker still believes in the force of Christ.

  4. Nyle - Race Walking is really great that is why I have seek assistance from experts abroad to spread the word on its benefit here in the Philippines. Dave McGovern and Phil Howell have been very supportive. Walk on!

  5. Not a lot of people can lay claim to have race walked up and down the skyway. congratulations Mr Skywalker hehe. - bards

  6. Bards - I saw you you were fast! How I wish we have something to look forward every month for a race event like that, do you agree?

  7. thank you for your generous assessment on the run
    our measure of success is the happiness that runners feel after the event. and judging by your comments it seems that we did ok

    yes a full marathon is part of the plan but perhaps not yet in 2010

    i want to get the 21km perfect first - to make it really a solid event

    - Ton Concepcion

    congrats again on your performance and thank you for your support

  8. Hi Sir, 21km Condura Run Official Results are already posted! Congratulations and thank you for your advice on my earlier question on how to log your kilometers. - Mar

  9. Dear Sir Amado,

    My husband Mark (VO 2) left your blog open and I can't help but to praise you for finishing the half marathon. Your time is fast Sir since I was running at your time :) I saw you Sir passed by me at the Kalayaan flyover. You are an inspiration Sir!

    Tiffin - with the Nemo cap during the race :)

  10. hi your wish came true - condura 2010 will feature a full marathon!