Sunday, March 8, 2009

"SkyWalker" - Simulated 21Km Condura Run

The Condura Run 09 – “Skyway Run For the Whale Shark” is just a fortnight away. To be able to benchmark my race walk performance for the said event, I decided to have a simulated 21 km distance run today starting at the Fort Bonifacio High Street all the way to Bayani Road and turning back after reaching Heritage Park thence to McKinley Hill complex and back to High Street then to International School and back for a last lap at the High Street circle. This was a perfect 22.3km run with the ups, downs, twist and turn to put pressure and challenge to the distance.

Surprisingly, it was a bit cool at 26C when I started at 4:45am considering it is already summer time. There were already a number of runners on the road doing their own weekend run and when I was just entering McKinley Hills I met the group of with Jinoe and Queenie (they were quite a number) whom I assume were also doing their own preparation for the Condura Run 09.

By 7:00am the sun was already high and temperature reading has already risen to 30C. What a sudden change of weather! I was wondering then what would be the running condition on the actual race day considering the start of the race will only be at 5:30am (I hope they consider moving the starting time 30 minutes earlier) and for sure I will be on the road by 8:00am. I just hope that it would be cloudy/overcast that day.

I completed in a race walk style the distance of 22.3 km in 2hrs54m22s for an average speed of 7.67km/hr and a pace of 7.82min/km. It was not the figures that I was hoping for maybe because of the hills that I have to cover in the route as well as the need for hydration which was practically none during the whole 22.3km.

Hopefully, I should be able to make the Condura Run in 2hrs40min00s. Then the skyway run will be conquered by a “skywalker”.


  1. May the force be with you.

  2. Hi Sir!

    May I know how do you compute the mileage of your training route? Is it a website or a software? I am also training for the Condura 21km run. It is my very first race and I need to simulate a 21km distance from a map.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Mar - I am using my Polar RS800 with a GPS G1. However, should you not have any of such or similar device you can instead use one lap at the Bonifacio High Street using the street not the curveside pathway is 1.23km so just make about 17 laps. Alternative, you make use of your car's odometer set to zero and drive to your pospective route and adjust to the distance best suited to your taste. Hope I was able to assist you.

  4. hey bro! i see and feel the passion and pleasure you get out of race walking...go on! finish the race well.hooray my brother!!!-malou