Monday, March 23, 2009

Rx Runner's "Hangover","Postpartum" and "Depression"

For the past two months a great majority of the runners in Metro Manila had been busy in their own preparation for the Condura Run09 either as individuals or as a group. There have been training plans for the 21K, Long Slow Distance (LSD) runs to built up stamina and even Carbo Loading Party which has kept so many of us focused and with a definite purpose and plan until March 22, 2009. But now that everything is all over we need to reassess matters and set new goals and plans, otherwise, we shall easily fall with a sickness called “runner’s hangover”, “ runner’s postpartum” and/or a “runner’s depression”.

What is the prescription to avoid these pitfalls? We need to have new goals, new plans and the execution of these goals and plans either as a group or individual. A "support group" will be highly advantageous rather than being alone. For it is only with new objectives that our running/walking efforts can fuel and sustain our drive to attain each and everyone’s ultimate goal of good health either in the aesthetic body form and weight, controlled sugar, cardio health or overall health condition. For the goals and plans are not necessarily to land a podium finish as its only an added reward, but, rather for motivation and health reasons.

Monday 23Mar09, I have gone back to my usual early morning speed race walk training at the Ultra Ovals with an immediate goal set at “AIRSPEED” 10K organized by Coach Rio to be held at the Mall of Asia grounds on April 5, 2009. Another immediate goal is the “Greenfield City Run” 21K for April 19, 2009. However, I still have to registered although I know that this will be a good event and what is holding me now is the travel time from Metro Manila to Santa Rosa Laguna.

For my long term goal, I have the 15K Riverside California USATF Masters Race Walking scheduled for May 17, 2009 and the Los Angeles Marathon (Race Walking Division) scheduled on May 25, 2009 both of which I have already registered.

Keep those legs moving, set new goals and plan of action. Plan the Run and Run the Plan. See you on the road!


  1. Some chick blogs compared last Sunday's event to having sex, so should it not be post-coital instead of post-partum? Ha ha. Congrats on a great hike.

  2. Miraclecello - I had it in mind, but, decided to use post-partum thinking the word will be more receptive to the female gender. But, now that you have said it .... let me adopt it.