Sunday, January 10, 2010

CCM 01-10-10 (Part 2 of 3) - Carbo Loading Party

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After collecting my race packet at the Active Zone of Ayala Center in Cebu, it was almost 6pm and the carbo loading party was about to start.

I have seen so many races in Manila which had held their own Carbo Loading Party. But, none so far can be compared to that of Cebu City Marathon 01-10-10. The organizers made sure for the success of the event. The venue was fantastic, at the Ayala Center Terraces complete with a huge stage, wide screen and blasting sounds.

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The event was opened by a welcome address by none other than the City Mayor of Cebu, Tomas Osmena. I have always said in the past that no matter how good an organizer may be, one critical aspect of a race event is the support of the local government. Without these people and their resources, a race event is doomed for failure. However, for the CCM 01-10-10 it was great to see that there was a good rapport between the organizers and the city government and even to the public themselves. I can only assume that this is typical of the "sinulog" mentality and cooperativeness of the Cebuanos. It was also heart warming to listen to the City Mayor welcoming all their guests something that is appreciated by any guest.

Of course there were ample choices for the guest to select their type of carbo load as prepared and offered by the different restaurant s and outlets within the Ayala Mall. The cost was minimal and reasonable enough.

Cebuanos being very good entertainers had a great band playing for the general public and on the early stages of the event there was even a samba drums.

The main part of the event was of course the briefing provided by the race organizers, Cebu Executive Running Club represented by Mr. John Pages and Mr. Jesse Taborada (am not sure if I got the name correctly). Information provident during the night were specific and comprehensive which would clear any doubts for any participants, particularly from those out of town.

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I did not stay longer after the briefing as it was close to my bedtime, but, again I was awed to what I have just seen and again have only but praises for the organizers. The pictures above will be more than justify my comments and observation during the Carbo Loading Party.

I shall be back for the Race Day accounts of CCM 01-10-10.

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