Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fort Bonifacio 2.35km Loop - 11th Ave./32nd Str. /5th Ave./26th Street

January 1, 2010 the first day of the year. What better way to start the year than an early morning run.

I arrived the Bonifacio High street area at around 5:00am will so many cars parked along 5th street as those celebrating New Year’s party are just about to complete their celebration. I was expecting an isolated place, but, instead found myself odd and out of place.

In the past and as most regular runners in the area, the most common loop is the Bonifacio High Street Loop which is a 1.3km distance. While the said loop is still quite popular to most runners, I find the same short in distance and crowded at times. Accordingly, what better way than establish a longer loop that I could use for this coming year on times that I will find myself at Fort Bonifacio.

The Loop that I have selected is bounded by 11th Avenue on the east, 32nd Street on the north, 5th Avenue on the west and 26th Street on the south.

The Loop is 2.35km using the pedestrian pathway. I started my run at 5:12am from 11th Avenue at the parking area at the back of Gap store and proceeded counter-clockwise to the direction of 32nd Street then left to 5th Avenue and left at 26th Street and let to 11th Avenue.

So guys should you wish to have an alternative running route at Fort Bonifacio try the said loop. 5 loop is already a good run of 11.75km which I complete in 01h24m01s on an early New Year’s Day.

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  1. Fort Bonifacio is a great place to live... And it can be a running routine too... ^^