Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PSC PHAS (Ultra) Oval Track - P35.00 Usage Fee

Effective January 4, 2010 entry/usage fee for the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Philippine Hall Academy of Sports (formerly ULTRA) track oval is now P35.00

I was surprised today when I bought new tickets for the track oval that the prices has been increase to P35.00 from P29.00 or P6.00 increase or 20.7% increase.

There was no advance notice posted regarding the increase prior to the implementation date. Further, tickets being issued are still marked as P29.00.

I have no complaint with the increase provided that the management of the track oval will do something about the sanitation of its toilet facilities particularly of the water supply to both CR and shower rooms. This is one aspect of the facility that needs urgent and drastic improvement.

So unless you are already a senior citizen (senior citizen are FREE), then be prepared for a P35.00 entry fee.

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  1. sir pag sundays po ba open sila? from what time? i wanted to run there for quite sometime kaso baka pag punta ko sarado naman.. thanks