Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cebu City Marathon - Getting Ready

When Cebu City Marathon was announced sometime 3rd quarter of last year, it was something that I wish I could participate. The event will not only be the first official running race for the year 2010, but will be a first of its grand nature that will be held outside of Luzon. The route will also be using the (SRP) South Road Properties, a more or less equivalent of the Skyway we have in Manila. My eagerness was even heightened when the organizers came out with a very impressive webpage ( which for sure has attracted more eager runners to participate. The webpage was even updated regularly as the race event came nearer.

December came and I was still undecided not because of anything else, but, for reasons only if my schedule will allow me when race day comes. After Christmas, Jinoe Gavan of posted a reminder to all runners that they only have until 31Dec09 for registration. So on 28Dec09, I decided to register myself for the 21k just in case my schedule allows it and leave it to fate should things work my way or not.

Alas and behold on Monday 04Jan10, I more or less got a clearer schedule to allow me to participate and it was only then that I scrabbled to get an airline ticket and hotel booking for myself and my wife (not runner but an eager/willing Cebu tourist).

I have just completed my travel arrangements and will fly to Cebu on the afternoon of Friday 08Jan10. Then another shock jolted me, I could not find my registration and claim stub for the race! I sent my driver back to Runnr at the Fort to get a possible duplicate copy of my registration, but, copies have been forwarded to Cebu. They instead gave a contact number of Mr. John Pages. Immediately I called John and told him of my problem who was very accommodating and told me just to look for him and show ID proof and there should not be any problem to release my race pack. An invitation was even extended to attend the carbo-loading party which will be held at the Active Zone at the Ayala Center on Friday 08Jan10 at 6:00pm.

I just had a text conversation with Gen.Jovie Narcise (Bald Runner) that he and some members of Bald Running Team will also be in Cebu. I am sure there will also be some members and other usual runners in Metro Manila that will be there so it would be a very nice way to open a running year with the group.

Cebu City here we come...............


  1. see you in cebu.good luck ho!

  2. Anonymous - sayang I could not get your name, but, good luck just the same!

  3. we have to show our support to full marathons being held outside metro manila. in the same manner that our brothers and sisters outside luzon would also support our races in manila. yes, 100% of the elite team bald runner will join this race and we'll test and evaluate if our training programs are progressing. see you soon!

  4. We will be there too. I will join you running 21K and Tiffin will be running the 5K.

    Regards m8parco

  5. Dear BR - Well said! We all need support and in the running community I hav seen it often and given without condition.

    Dear Mark and Tiffin - Good to hear that both of you will be there as well. Why only 5k for Tiffin this time?