Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Volunteer Aid Station - To Be A Volunteer

Last year 2009, Takbo.ph and Reinier Pacific were given an opportunity to sponsor a Volunteer Aid Station on two races, the “Botak Paa-Tibayan takbo 100k” last June 28, 2009 and the Milo Marathon National Finals last October 11, 2009.

On both occasion the fruit of the labour was very rewarding. In sport as in any other aspect of life itself, “service” is the binding cord that enriches our passion and perseverance to a goal. Giving something back to the sport you love, providing a word of encouragement, handling water or banana to a runner goes a very long way to both the giver and the taker. We all know this by experience whenever we are on a road race. These things are what money can’t buy.

However, volunteering yourself to an aid station requires certain basic knowledge and mental preparedness;

KNOW YOUR DESIGNATED TASK – an aid station will have its purpose and defined specific functions as approved by the race sponsors and organizer. Restrict your aid station to that as agreed upon. Know your task as given to you. Do not hesitate to ask the team head to show you what you are suppose to do, speak up.

BE ON TIME – do not be late. Do what was designated of you and do your best. A lot of runners will be relaying on you and you don’t want to let them down.

BE ENERGETIC – move freely and swiftly. Be full of energy and enthusiastic as this will set the tone for the whole volunteer team. It is like a wild fire that will fuel the team to its service for the duration of the aid station.

BE A TEAM MEMBER – do not try to do everything yourself. Work as part of a team to make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate and do his fair share of work. If someone asks for help, lend a hand. If you need some help, ask your team member.

PICTURE YOURSELF ON THE RECEIVING END – we are all runners and have run a race ourselves. We all know what we need and appreciate during a race, try to see things through other people’s eyes. You serve as what you expect others to serve. There is no better teacher than your own personal experiences.

SMILE AND BE GENEROUS ON WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT – this is the most important tool that you should possess. A SMILE will go a long way and “words of encouragement” will be affirmations of your joy in providing a volunteer service. These two criteria you should bring with you in abundance and should not run short even if your material service will run out, these two should be readily available to ALL RUNNERS without being selective.

BE HUMBLE – this is the last criteria. Don’t brag or go around telling everyone about the good things you’ve supposedly done. Be happy knowing you’ve made others happy. If acknowledge, say thank you as well.

Takbo.ph and Reinier Pacific will once again provide a volunteer aid station during the CONDURA RACE on 07Feb10. The aid station will serve the 21k and 42k runners only. The exact location and its purpose are still being finalized. No matter what, one thing for sure Takbo.ph and Reinier Pacific volunteers will have all the smiles and words of encouragement to all runners.

See you at the Condura!!!!


  1. yahoo! saging lang po ibigay sakin ok na! kitakits!

  2. Seeing Takbo.ph+Reinier Pacific's aid station always gives me that morale boost (aside from the obvious)! Thank you Sir Amado and company for this kind gesture that we really appreciate, more power and see you on Condura Run!

  3. How can I be a volunteer?
    please email me at sophie_dfuss@yahoo.com