Saturday, January 9, 2010

CCM 01-10-10 (Part 1 of 3) - Race Packet Distribution

It has been ages since I last made use of Cebu Pacific. It was therefore a good opportunity for me to check on their budget airfare from Manila-Cebu and back. I found that their rate of P3,688.16 per person round trip very reasonable compared to others. I made my booking arrangement at their website without any hassle and was able to select my preferred seats ( row no 1 at that) in just over a minute.

Using Cebu Pacific requires me to make use of NAIA Terminal 3 which will be my first experience to use the controversial terminal. I found the terminal huge and its check-in facilities very passenger friendly and convenient. The facilities are still not completely in use and could only comment that the materials used where not that rigid and class so much so that I have my doubts as to their durability in years to come.

While we boarded the plane on time, the actual departure was delayed by over 30 minutes, requiring us to sit it out inside the plane while parked at the tarmac waiting for airport clearance due to air traffic congestion. Having gotten seat on row no. 1 was just like being on a business class with ample leg space. One incident that I will remember is when the captain was on public address system and announced, “welcome ladies and gentlemen this is your flight 5J-581 from Manila to Cebu, all of you are welcome onboard may you have a down syndrome or not” I would like to take it without offense rather on the context of being apologetic on recent Cebu Pacific legal fiasco regarding a passenger with impaired disability that was disallowed embarkation. I find his announcement was an acknowledgement of airlines shortcoming and wishes to correct itself.

Upon arrival Cebu we immediately proceeded to check-in at the Crown Regency Towers at Fuente Osmena and were caught in the traffic as the “sinulog” procession was on its completion stage and entry at the Cebu Sports Complex. Without wasting anytime, we proceeded to Ayala Center to collect my race packet at the Active Zone activity area.

I was very much eager to check on how the Cebu organizers were handling the process as this part of a race event has been a problem even to some big and known races in Metro Manila. I have only praises and good words to say after what I have personally seen. The venue used was just fantastic, strategically located and the best was the system and flow of race packet distribution. There was nothing special or technical on the manner the flow of distribution was being done, but, only knowing where the items are not being fuzzy on matters that those without claim stub were only required to present an ID to check on their muster list and presto you have your race kit. The whole process was about a minute or so giving you ample time to gaze around the area which had booths and race and souvenir items on sale. As what we are always been reminded a wheel need not be re-invented its just making sure that you know how to use it.

My congratulations to CEBU EXECUTIVE RUNNERS CLUB, Mr. JOHN PAGES and his team for a very orderly and convenient distribution of race packets for the Cebu City Marathon. We can learn a lot from you guys.

The pictures that I am posting with this article will surely provide a better description of the pleasant atmosphere during the event.

(click on image for an elarged view)

Until my next blog on the “Carbo Loading Party at the Ayala Terraces”, Cebuanos way of welcoming guests and hosting a party!!!!

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  1. cebu pacific is great! nice pictures, too! see you at the starting line!