Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5000 kilometers in 648 days

After updating my runs today to my personalized own matrix which is in an Excel based data sheet, it just dawned on me that not only was my run yesterday signalled my full recovery, it was also a very significant as  I have broken the 5000 km barrier.

Yes my friends, after religiously tracking/recording my daily distances since April 27, 2007, I have reached exactly 5,004.4 kilometers on February 3, 2009. That was in 648 days or 01 year 09 months 07 days.

27Apr07 to 31Dec07 2007 = 1,421.26 km
01Jan08 to 31Dec08 2008 = 3,297.78 km
01Jan09 to 03Feb09 2009 = 280.96 km
01y 09m 07d (648days) = 5,004.40 km

From April07 to June08 I was using the Nike+ and bought during the period a total of three (3)units as the same keep on breaking. From July08 to Jan09 I have shifted to Polar RS200sd which has made my monitoring easy and detailed. From 01Feb-present I have just shifted to Polar RS800CX with G3 GPS system.

I have all the detailed figures on daily basis at that. More data gathering was from July08 to present as I was already using a computerized monitor Polar as against may early runs when I was using only the Nike+. Basically it was RUNNING from Apr07 until about June08 when I started doing RACE WALKING and since August 2008 it has been mainly Race Walking that I have gotten myself involve with.

The only way to be motivated is monitoring your performance and mileage. I hope to reach the 10,000 km mark by December of 2010. I pray for  good health to accomplish this goal.

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