Sunday, February 15, 2009

Simulated 15Km - Race Walk for RUNew

Having just arrived from Cebu, I knew I would not be able to join the POWER RUN which was schedule today 15Feb09 at the SM Mall of Asia. As such, I have to find myself a good Sunday run on my own.

Considering that I have already registered for the RUNew which will take place at Mckinley Hill at the Fort Bonifacio and having decided to do the 15K on Race Walk style all the way, I told myself to simulate a 15K Race Walk on the same site to be able to set a target time for next Sunday’s run.

(Click on the photo for an enlarged view)

At 5:02am and completed 15.9km in 02h06m17s for an average speed of 7.55km/hr with a pace of 7.94min/km and burned 1584 Kcal.

Accordingly, my 15Km time was 01h58m24s. Hopefully I should be able to duplicate and better yet target a finishing time of 01h55m00s on Sunday’s RUNew 15km Race Walk style.


  1. Sir, I greeted you this morning when you were race-walking at the bayani road at 5:30AM.

    I was the runner who was wearing a flashlight on my forehead. :-)

    Hope to meet you again. Take care.

  2. Dear Nats - Yes! That was you? It was still dark and a very brief encounter as we were running on opposite directions so I did not get to see your face. Anyways, hope to meet you on a relax atmosphere one of these days.

  3. Sir, I guess it's really hard for you to see my face because of head-lamp. Next time I see you, I'll run with you. :-)

  4. Nats - Looking forward and it will be my pleasure.