Thursday, February 26, 2009

RoadID - Practical and Fasionable Running Gear

In one of my regular visit at the blog site of, I noticed a widget of “ROAD ID”. I liked the product that they were selling which was a “Wrist ID” you can personalised with all the required emergency information laser engraved that should by any chance during your running or any other physical activity encounter an accident, such infomation will be readily available which is of utmost importance. The “ROAD ID” is not only a "must have"running gear for safety reasons, but, is fashionable as well.

Complete details of the product can be seen at the website

The product cost $19.99 per piece. The downside for us here in the Philippines is the shipping cost of $12.95 (almost 2/3 of the cost of the product. So as to take opportunity of the shipment and reduce its cost, I ordered 2 pieces. I believe it is a wise investment for runners.

Go check the product!

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