Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cebu-Mactan-Cebu Bridge Run - Planning Stage

Sometime early February I visited the blog of BananaRunning (Bards) and she was asking for some tips on where to run in Cebu as she was scheduled to visit the area sometime in February. There were quite a number of suggestions from her friends and one of them was crossing the two bridges connecting Cebu and Mactan Island, the old Cebu Mactan Bridge and the new Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

A good run if I may say so. I then posted a comment to BannaRunning since I will as well be in Cebu from 11-13February if there was by any chance she would also be there so that we could run together the route. Unfortunately, Bards will only be in Cebu by 3rd/4th week of February. However, the idea already was in my mind. Come what may, I shall run the said route.

On 11th February after completing my business with University of Cebu President Atty. Augusto Go, I requested his staff if their car could “run the route” with me from Marriott Hotel then to the old Cebu Mactan Bridge to Marcelo Fernan Bridge and back to the hotel. Any adventure needs a prudent preparation. The purpose was to familiarize myself with the route, find out the distances, see possible problems and plan in general that when I do actually take the run on 12th February morning risks have been considered for safe run. With the traffic and everything we left the hotel at 5:45 and was back 7:10 (very bad traffic).

I then plotted my planned route in and it would look something the picture below;

On the car’s odometer it registered about 22 km, however, I think on an actual run it should be 1-2 km shorter as the curves will be cut. My intention is to start at 4:30am to give me enough time to prepare for my business meeting which is scheduled at 9:30am.

The planning stage is complete and now the implementation stage is at hand. I have to take a good night rest and will provide the actual progress of the run later.

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