Monday, February 9, 2009

Tribute to a Daughter

February 10, 1977 or 32 years ago my 2nd child was born and it was a daughter and we named her MARY DAWN.

As any other parent we have undergone the complete cycle from birth, toddler, grade school, high school, college, medical school. What I just mentioned is one long sentence to describe the cycle a parent has to complete in raising a child.

Then in September 2003 it was time to say goodbye as she was then to start her medical exams and residency in the USA. Time has lapsed too fast. After almost 5 years, she has her own house in Riverside California, married and a full pledge practising medical physician at the Riverside.

As father and daughter, we have had our own share of issues and differences. But, she will always be my little girl and will always love her come what may. I love you and happy birthday DAWN! When can I expect my grandchild from yourend?


  1. hi DAD! thanks for this nice and touching tribute.. what can i say, i am and will ALWAYS be daddy's -only:)- little girl. my only wish for my birthday (and God knows this) is that we can all be together soon! i cant wait till you guys visit us. i hope kuya dax, pam and athena can come too. stay healthy, and LOVE U always!!