Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Honeymoon Run - Polar RS800CX

After having written yesterday about the Polar RS800CX with G3(GPS Sensor) and getting to know the unit for about an hour before sleep, I just could not wait for day break to try out the unit like a groom to a bride on their honeymoon night.

At 5am off I went to Ultra Oval only to be disappointed upon arrival that the oval is closed to the general public as a special exclusive event was scheduled from 5:30-11:00am. Disappointed as I was, no factor can stop me to make my walk and to try the unit. I boarded my car and went straight to Bonifacio High Street, my usual alternative venue whenever the Ultra Oval is closed.

After getting the unit match/learn from the sensors, I started my recovery/rehab race walk bearing in mind that it has been only 10 days since my angioplasty procedure. Summary of my Race Walk is for the day are the following details, duration of 1.3511 hrs (01h21m04s), a distance of 10.30 Km, speed of 7.62km/hr, and pace of 7.87min/km. A great number of detailed information and analysis are available as recorded and downloaded to Polar Pro Trainer Software 5 . At this early honeymoon stage, I would say that the data gathering and report sharing is the major strength of the RS800CX.
One great feature of the software is that you could share your run to show the exact location, distance, lap, and even the altitude which can be exported to a Google Map.

I still need a number of days to get use to and be able to get familiar (mastering will definitely take at least a month’s time) for the different features of the unit and software. The magic word is “Mastering” otherwise its just like owning a great race horse only to be used for pleasure riding than what the particular breed was meant to be.

I am still awaiting support from Polar USA if I could transfer my recorded training records from June 2008 to January 2009 from to PPT5.


  1. Hello Amado, Yes you can transfer your entire profile from previous years to your new Pro5 software.

    There are two ways. The first one is: Go in to your profile then open the folder you want to bring the files to the other computer (All HRm's and PDD files) then go to the target computer open C drive\program files\Polar\Protrainer\your-name\2008 or any other year, then paste All files to it (Note: folder year must match).
    The Second way and best way to do it is by going to the old software or PPP4 software, map it the same way as above BUT this time copy the entire folder with your name and paste it to the Protrainer 5 folder. Here is the tricky part...Open the Protrainer 5 software, top right icon (2 people) select new person. Then click on Add Existing Person, a window will pop up. Now Map it the same way as above C drive\Program Files\Polar\Protrainer\yourNAME Open the folder with your name and SELECT yourNAME.PPD click on ok or finish. All of your files should be displayed on the calendar if not....close Protrainer software then launch it again.

    I hope this helped with your request.

    Join the Polar fitness revolution!

  2. Dear AP,

    Hey you guys are fast! I will not have any hesitation to recomend the unit to any of my friends (someone already is on his way to purchase one!). Thanks for the information. Hopefully I'll get it done either ways. Thank you.