Sunday, February 8, 2009

Benchmarking - 15K Race Walk

Last Saturday 7Feb09, I did my weekly long walk with the intention to determine my relax road Race Walking time for 15K and establish the same as my benchmark figure for the forthcoming RUNew 15K which I intend to do on Race Walk version instead of Running.

At 5:51am without a fix route in mind to take, temperature at 27C and with a light rainy weather, I told myself to decide what street to take as I go along the way. Further, I would like to see how my run would look like should the same be imposed on the Earth Google. The picture above is how it looked like. (Click on the photo view to enlarged photo/details)

In the end, I made a total distance of 16.7km in 2.125hrs for an average speed of 7.86km/hr at a pace of 7.63 minutes/km and burning in the process 1661 calories.

As for my 15K benchmark data the duration was 1h54m50s for an average speed of 7.83km/hr at a pace of 7.65 minutes/km. I was a bit disappointed of the result as it was way below my previous average, but, why complaint I just came back from a heart procedure. I still have 14 days to come up with a lower figure at RUNew 15K on February 22, 2009 at McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

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