Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Double Crossed" - Mactan Straits

(Click on the map for enlarged view)

With all the planning and preparation done the night before, I found myself having difficulty to sleep as my mind has already started the planned run ahead of physical body which was still in the stage of trying to sleep. On 12Feb09 at 1:30 am I was already awake and trying my very best to go back to sleep. Then I decided instead of fighting the urge to gain sleep, I might just as well put myself in a relax stage by watching TV. At 4am my alarm clock rang, there was no need for this as I was still awake then and I started to dress still discussing with myself on what time really to start.

At 4:28 am off I started selecting the alternative to RUN instead of RACE WALK as I was unfamiliar with the territory not wanting to attract unnecessary attention in the street. The early stage of the run was easy as I was still fresh and strong and the apprehension then was more on the security as it was still dark and that I was meeting on interval stages groups of young and not so young who are intoxicated as it was just the time the bars and whatever fun places they might have been from was just closing. However, as I reached my 4th km mark, I more or less have gained security confidence.

When I reached the Old Cebu-Mactan Bridge it was still very dark that as much as I wanted to do some picture taking, it was a futile effort as the results taken were not good so I just took a couple to satisfy my journal. Just as I have reached the Mactan side, my left knee started to experience pain for reasons maybe that I am more use to Race Walking than Running. The latter sustain more impact on the knee as you stride whilst in Race Waking the impact is more on the heels as you are required to execute a straight forwarding leg all the time creating a shock of solver effect for the knee. Never mind the sways and apprehension of getting unnecessary second glances from passers-by, I decided to continue the route on Race Walk style to lessen the pain.

It was still dark and when I reached the statue of Marcelo Fernan at the Mactan side just prior to ascending the bridge to go back to Cebu side. I have to take a souvenir photo so I did a short stop then immediately proceeded to the Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

I told myself to take matters easy and savour the personal satisfaction in crossing the last bridge before heading back to Marriott Hotel.After about a kilometre in crossing the MF Bridge, daylight was already at hand and I started to meet from the opposite direction runners/joggers. Now I told myself I am in good company.

I made a stop at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) and Shoe Mart to take some photo at the same time take some of my HAMMER GEL and much needed sip from my hydration pack as I was then sweating heavily.

Just about a kilometer before I reach the hotel my knee started to give me pain again. This was what I have to pay for a mistaken decision to RUN instead of RACE WALK in which I could in any case obtained the targeted pace and speed anyway.

Then the final glory was reaching the entry post of Marriott Hotel the feeling of “Double Crossed” Mactan Strait was fulfilled using the old and the new bridge. I have covered a distance of 20.1 km in 2h41m40s at an average speed of 7.46km/hr or pace of 8.04min/km and burned 2246 Kcal. Will I do it again? The answer is a definite YES.


  1. Wow. Great Run. I am even hoping that a big marathon will soon be organize in Cebu that will cross these two bridges.

  2. Jinoe -It was. A full marathon to start/end in Mactan with crossing of both bridge will be a definite hit. BTW congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.