Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Listen To Your Body - Fully Recovered

After a week of listening to my body, as planned and having given myself an early bedtime the night before, action plan for the day is an 80% speed walk effort of my full physical capability for a mid-distance.

I was already at ULTRA OVAL by 5:00am but it took me a while to start my speed walk as I was trying to make sure that I had my GPS connected with the satellite and that my preferred settings and view on my Polar RS800C is correctly set to.

5:06am I was off and building gradual pace. This morning was already hot and humid even though it was still fully dark. Sad to say all the signs for an early summer is at hand. I was expecting a full oval, however, to my surprise it was quite empty, I was wondering where have all the UAAP track athletes gone to considering their actual yearly meet will be opening on Thursday which will run from 5-7th February.Maybe.... everybody is on their rest day before the actual competition?

When I finally did hit the 5 km stage I started to put more effort to gain the most of the WR Plan.By the time I hit the 10km stage, things were starting to be quite the ordinary, time seems to go slow and the round about becoming boring. However, on my 12km, Atty. Elaine joined me and in as much that I was in my fast pace, and she was on her recovery run we decide to go side by side at the same time talk of family like and raising a teen aged daughter. With an interesting topic, wow, time passed by faster and with the speed being maintained as well. I overshot my targeted 15km and would like to thank Atty. Elaine for a very interesting chit chat and company.

I completed the distance=16.60km, duration= 01h48m18s (1.8050h), speed=9.20km/hr, pace= 6.52 min/km and burned 1443 Kcal.

I can now say that I have fully recovered from my angioplasty and am ready to start by next week on the Training Plan as prepared by Major Espejo for my LA Marathon (Walk Race Division) scheduled for May 25, 2009. I shall continue to LISTEN TO MY BODY for it constantly communicates with you, it’s a matter of understanding and tuned in on the same frequency. I am back!


  1. Congratulations sir! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

  2. i say LISTEN TO MY MOTHER hehe :-). lovyah dad.. thanks for the experia x1. cant wait to get my hands on it.

  3. Thank you Nathaniel (i2runner)will make sure that the latter is accomplished than the former.

  4. thanks dad!! just wish you guys were here to spend the day with me... but its ok, 3 months left and we can celebrate! woohooo!!