Saturday, January 31, 2009

Polar RS800CX With G3 (GPS Sensor)


After a lengthy self-deliberation, I have today decided to retire my Polar RS200sd (with S1 foot pod). The said personal training computer unit is more or less the middle class of Running Computer Trainer by POLAR. I have used the said unit since July 2008 which was a birthday gift from my daughter Dawn who is a doctor at Riverside California. The RS200sd was performing as to its full specifications and has been helpful in my data analysis for the past months.

Why the decision to change? I have no better excuse than an analogy that it is just like driving any regular family car that provides you the means of transportation from one point to the next. However, this is also the same if you drive let’s say a PORSCHE you’ll just be able to travel the same distance, however, there will be other added extras which may or may not be necessary to others. But, what the heck that is why they have the Rolex, Louis Vuitton, etc. and other luxury items.

Polar RS800CX with G3(GPS Sensor) comes with the latest Polar Pro Trainer 5 which no longer requires you to download and store data via Polar Weblink to as the new software is now installed in your computer for ready access if and when needed.

For complete data and specifications you may check the link -

I hope the new personal training computer will be able to further motive my obsession in the sports. Sad to say you still need the strength and health to obtain your dream speed or mileage.


  1. Great choice! So much data now.. Take full advantage of the reporting feature in PPT5. That is where the software SHINES.
    Another cool thing with the GPS activated, share your routes! Some people run the sweetest routes in your area that you will NEVER know about. Sharing = caring:)

    The rs800cx/software will store the GPX file, go to mapmyrun or and import the GPX file. Share everything!

    Any questions feel free to drop me a line on twitter.

    Have a good weekend

    -Chris @ Polar USA

  2. Dear Chris,

    Thank you for dropping by. Its was unexpected and you are like a messengher from heaven. Anyways, please HELP, I have all my workout data recorded at (July-Jan) is there a possiblity to IMPORT these data and have the same transfered to my Polar Pro Trainer 5 - Version 5.30.154? if YES how do I go about it?