Thursday, January 29, 2009

Analysis - First 3 Days of Rehab Walk

As in any scenario of rehabilitation, the first few days is the most difficult and important to ensure that you do not overdo the physical activity so much so in my condition of which I have to allow the foreign body STENTS get used to my blood flow circulation system. The following is a recap of my first 3 days;

Date / Distance / Duration / Speed / Pace
27Jan09 / 2.7 km / 00h53m / 3.06km/hr / 19.60min/km
28Jan09 / 5.5 km / 01h17m / 4.26km/hr / 14.08min/km
29Jan09 / 7.9 km / 01h29m / 5.33km/hr / 11.26min/km

In my case, the greatest factor to fight is the TEMPTATION to increase the pace particularly during the period of walking as the mind dictates full capability but the body is silent and due respect should be considered. I would be happy to attain the 10.00min/km pace in the newxt few days and maintain the said pace for one week before any further experimentation in speed. I thanks God for my continued recovery.

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