Thursday, January 15, 2009

Walk the Talk - Practicum in Running

January 15, 2009 4-6:30 pm Ultra Oval Pasig – The 2nd Module of the RUNNING CLINIC for Reinier Pacific Staff was conducted by The Bald Running Team. It was time to put into practise the theoretical part of the program which was conducted a week before.

What better way to describe what transpired during the practicum session but by pictures, as each snap shot is equivalent to a thousand words.

Words can not express our sincere gratitude to Gen.Jovinal Narcise (aka-Bald Runner) for going out of his way to prove to us his passion and advocacy in running. He "Walk the Talk". Also, to Major Ferdinand Espejo and Coach Satur Salazar who have in their own capacity been very effective in the actual coaching job during the theoretical and practical sessions of the Running Clinic. Not to forget, members of Bald Runners Elite Team for their assistance during the practicum. To you guys, THANK YOU for the knowledge, the fun and even for the muscle pain that I am sure will be experienced by the Reinier Staff for the next few days to come. Salamat Po.

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