Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walk the Talk - The Gospel of Running

Sometime December 2008, I sought the assistance of Bald Runners Team for last minute pointers and tips for the 12 Hour Walk at Putrajaya Malaysia. As a side topic discussed then was the advocacy of Bald Runner (Jovie Narcise) in getting more people into the sport of running with special emphasis on correct orientation and introduction to the sport. With him then were Major Ferdinand Espejo and Coach Satur Salazar. I brought a very abstract idea to the Team in offering my staff from Reinier Pacific as the subject group. Collective ideas were hatched right there with a Running Clinic to be given by the Bald Runner Team.

The Running Clinic Module shall consist of two sessions a classroom session and an actual running session. The classroom session shall focus on Introductory/Theoretical/Inspiration/Basics/Equipments on running which will be about 3 hours. The actual running session to be at Ultra Oval were participants will actually do warm-ups, stretching and actual running wherein the session shall be also 3 hours duration.

They say “walk the talk” and this The Bald Runner Team has demonstrated today 08Jan09. They have completed the 1st phase of the Running Clinic which was conducted at the offices of Reinier Pacific from 2-5pm. I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Bald Runner Team of a well prepared presentation. Special thanks to the presentation of Bald Runner (Jovie) for the manner of delivery which was strong and awakening.

Next week Thursday 15Jan09 we shall conduct the 2nd part of the module at Ultra Oval for the actual running and as early as now I could already see the sparkle in the eyes of my staff to do their supervised/coached running at an oval which I honestly believe not a single one of them had the opportunity to do so being not exposed to sports in general.

If any of you guys are of the same advocacy in spreading the Gospel of Running, contact the Bald Runner Team who very capable to work hand on hand with you or your group.

Thank you Bald Runner Team!

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