Sunday, January 18, 2009

CFC Tekton Guild Household

Life consists of so many compartments that interconnects and eventually spells out how we generally lived and faired in this world. There is our corporate/business life, family life, social life, sport and recreation life to name a few, but one very important component is our spiritual life.

For the past five years, my Couples For Christ (CFC) Tekton Guild Household has been annually having a reunion. This year, as in the past, the event was held at the residence of Charlie/Fe Aquino last Saturday 17Jan09. The household consist of the following couples- Lito/Linda Tayag, Chito/Chichi Magsajo, Tito/Baby Santos, Ric/Baby Dela Torre, Lito/Vida Legaspi, Mon/Pen De Leon, Boy/Vibs Alburo, Charlie/Fe Aquino and Amado/Hermie Castro.

If in running you have an elite group who are normal podium finishers, then this household belongs to this category, not only has each and every member is an accomplished person in his field of profession/business/corporate world but their Christian values, dedication and service to the community is beyond doubt. As always the evening was of great fun and laughter. Breaking bread as one family and as in any reunion, the tune of the night is remembering the good old days the group has shared for past so many years. A new innovation this year was the "gift game" which was a classic fun and strategy "gift bring home" for the night.

To the group, my wife (Hermie) and I are blessed to be part of you where we have experienced the love and concern by all. May the Lord continuously cover his mantle of protection to you all and your family. Thank you for the praying over for my schedule angiogram.

And as always, Charlie and Fe Aquino will not allow us to go home without his famous "longanisa".How about of Alaskan Cruise?


  1. Thank you Amado for the beautiful recap of our reunion.

    Ours is a group that shares values like no other social group because the bond is above the superficial and material, after all, aanhin mo ang malaking bahay, masarap na pagkain, magarang sasakyan at milyon milyong salapi --- kung ang kapitbahay mo naman ang may-ari! Oops mali yata.

    The evening ended with loot bags for everyone-- not just of gifts grabbed and of longganisas, but more of the intangibles--the spontaneous laughter, deep camaraderie and friendships to last a lifetime.

    Thank you Amado and Hermie for being there and for your sincere friendship.


  2. Dear Fe,

    I would like to take this opportunity to get the "rights" to use that great line of Charlie..."aanhin mo..." and the typical witty lines of his!!