Friday, January 30, 2009

Curry, Sashimi, Hainanese Chicken Rice - Fusion of Friends

In the 58 years of my life I have met so many people of different nationalities, but, throughout all these years there have been three (3) foreign nationals (not counting of course my Filipino friends) who have been closed to me and my family whom I consider as friends in the very essence of the word. When the idea got into my mind to make a article in my blog about them, I was surprise to just find out that all of whom have one thing in common, they are individually a mixture of dual nationality. They are like a fusion of food which describes my favourite dishes.

The CURRY, Clinton De Souza, an Indian born of Australian nationality. Clinton and I go back so many years during the 1970’s the prime years of our youth when we were only in our mid-twenties. We have shared so many happy times even then when we were just starting our professional careers that although we have nothing much financially, but, had great youthful times together. Our family have spent together memorable times in the past as our children were of the same ages then. After quite a number of years, we have again reconnected and regularly see each other at least twice a year. I am so happy for my friend who was blessed lately with a wife by the name of JUM a Thai national who keeps him youthful these days.

The SASHIMI, Mike Naka, Japanese born of American nationality. I have known Mike since 1989 as a business contact in developing business ventures. Our transition to friendship was not as easy and has undergone so many love hate relationships in the early years. But, as they always say friendship is developed after undergoing the ups and downs of life. Mike has been very generous to me and my family that we are already his regular boarders in his house in Seattle and Las Vegas. Golf is what has bonded both of us and to this day I still look forward in playing with Mike, more so when I am in need of pocket money as he has been a great milking cow in the golf course.

The HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE, Chan Joo Huat, a Malaysian born of Singapore nationality. Chan was my principal’s representative in Manila and a very likable and friendly person so much so that when he was stationed in the Philippines sometime in 1994, all of my staff liked working with him. One thing that has challenged Chan during his stay in Manila was when he found out that my wife was picking up the Golf game then that she encourages him to be tutored under Joe Cantada’s Golf School. The guy was a natural and become addicted to the game that these days he has excelled in the game. I can no longer beat him and am now his regular milking cow. Their three (3)children are a duplicate of their father. If there is a similarity in our life it is our wives, Hermie (mine) and Joanna(Chan's) have the same CHARACTER. Now I leave you how to interpret the word. Chan and I no longer work together which in a way is much better as we have become more now as real friends than business associates.

So these are my favourite dishes Curry, Sashimi and Hainanese Chicken Rice. And my friends of confused nationalities.

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