Saturday, January 10, 2009

Facing the Reality of Numbers

With the purpose of monitoring my speed race walk training in preparation for the LA Marathon (race walker division) I have the following figures logged covering January 4-10 2009 for a 7 day duration;

Date / Place / Distance / Time / Speed

04Jan09/Bonifacio High Street/10.37km/01:09:59/8.88km/hr
05Jan09/Ultra Oval/11.29km/01:17:00/8.70km/hr
06Jan09/Ultra Oval/10.24km/01:12:56/8.45km/hr
07Jan09/Ultra Oval/10.14km/01:13:42/8.26km/hr
08Jan09/Ultra Oval/10.23km/01:13:15/8.38km/hr
09Jan09/Ultra Oval/10.36km/01:14:00/8.40km/hr
10Jan09/Ultra Oval/11.05km/01:17:53/8.51km/hr
7days / 73.68km / 08:38:45 / 8.52km/hr

Accordingly, these initial figures shall be my foundation for the development of my speed walk training . Hoping that my medical procedure on 22Jan09 will not require anything of significant nature of intervention and allowing myself to recuperate to resume training by middle of February 2009, I hope to attain my magical goal of 9.00km/hr race walking average for the marathon distance.

Gathering Statistical figures is never easy but there is no other alternative method in monitoring trainig/development in whatever sport your into. In the end, you will realize that shaving minute/seconds in your run does not come that easy as we face the reality of numbers resultant of the time and effort we have invested.

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