Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting to the Rythm

Today, 06Jan09 was not as cold as the previous mornings and I saw it registered 22C at 5:10am when I left the condominium. As I arrived ULTRA there were already about 5 runners doing their run/walk and wishing to finish early, I went straight without warm-up with a target time of 1h 08m for the 10k speed walk distance.

The first 5 km was within my target. At this stage I already noticed that the elite group of the Bald Runners Team has already arrived and with them was Capt./Coach Espejo, greeted him and continued on my own thing. At about the same time, the oval was getting crowded as the UP / JRU / and FEU runners were already starting their warm up. I guess all these UAAP track teams are now dead serious in their training as the scheduled competition will be on Feb 6-8, 2009. Hopefully, I will be able to see the race walk and other track competition as I promised to cheer for the UP track team whom I have shared the oval for the past 8 months or so and whose faces has been familiar to me although not knowing their names.

I completed the 10.7 km at a slower speed of 01h 14m which I attribute to the crowded oval and lost of concentration on the later stage of the distance. Have to improve on the next run.

After my cool down I took the opportunity for a little chit chat with Bald Runner and Capt. Espejo to finalize our dry run planning for the Running Clinic to be given to staff of Reinier Pacific on Thursday 08Jan09 at 2-5pm.

All refreshed and pumped-up I was once again ready to start my business day at 7:15am and headed home....

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