Sunday, January 4, 2009

Los Angeles Marathon - Race Walker Division

Today, January 3, 2009 I have registered myself to the LOS ANGELES MARATHON for RACE WALKER DIVISION which is scheduled for May 25, 2009. I shall also take the opportunity to join the Riverside CA USATF 15km Masters Race Walk Championship scheduled for May 17, 2009.

This will keep me busy for the next months to come to prepare for these two events. I am looking forward to these dates but most of all I shall be able to visit my daughter MARY DAWN who is a doctor at Riverside CA.

However, the plan is subject to my medicals as I am scheduled to undergo a angiogram which could lead to an angioplasty. Well pray pray pray and plans will not be derailed.


  1. Hi Tio Mads! This is your lovely niece Roselyn stopping by to say hello and mabuhay, haha! I just have to say I admire your commitment to your running/training. I know for a fact it takes a whole lot of dedication and self-discipline to train to be your fittest and reach your goals, so kudos! Bernard ran for his high school cross country team for the past 2 years, and it was a heartbreaking yet proud moment for his mom to witness his growth both mentally and physically thanks to his running regimen. But I digress...this is your blog and just as running requires so much of ones' self, writing is just as demanding. Hats off to your "new" interests. I will await your future writing installments and enjoy every minute you share with us here in your blog. BTW you and Tita Hermie both look fabulous! If you do find yourselves in LA for the marathon(I've done a Nike run-hit wonder ages ago), we'd be so happy to see and spend some time with you. Boy, I sure envy the fact you can come visit Dawn on any given day without any impediments. What I would give to show my Papa my side of the world!

    Happy New Year and much love to you sir,

  2. Dear Roselyn,

    Thank you for your kind words. I saw your Dad and Mom in your Lolo's wake and had our time for the usual updates and chismis. I hope you will continue visiting the blog site, maybe in someways I'll be able to provide you a little of myself and my thoughts. I would like to see you, Bernie and the kids it has been quite a while since we have seen each other. All my best wishes and love to you.... Tiyo Mading