Friday, January 9, 2009

God! Am I Scared

There are two people in this world that I always end up short changed in any discussion. First is my dentist Dra. Aure Santos, she’s good, pretty and very opinionated. However, she has the habit of asking me questions and/or giving me her mind while she has my mouth opened and with her hands/tools busy with whatever teeth I still have. Then she asks me “what can you say?” It’s a one way discussion I tell you!

And the other one is my cardiologist Dr. Rodelio De Sagun. Today 09Jan09, I and my wife had an appointment with him for the pre-operation conference with regards to my cardio angiogram. He is a very good doctor and takes time and effort to explain to you in details his diagnosis and provides you options, consequences and finally his recommendations. Very professional to the point that it is so scary to butt in while he does his lecture complete with a model heart and PDA with slides showing the heart and the blood vessels. I was not afraid before the conference but after all the explanation, God am I scared!

I will check-in for the procedure on 20Jan09 as they need to work up and prepare me as I am as well a diabetic and prepare my kidney to avoid complication. On 22Jan09 at 7am I am schedule for the cardio angiogram which could result into (a) nothing unusual (b) insignificant blockage not to warrant any intervention (c) manageable number of blockage that an angioplasty can be performed (d) to much blockage that intervention will only be by by-pass operation.

I had second thoughts if I should blog this subject but finally decided to as I think it is one way for me to release the scare and the WHAT IFS in my mind. So, to those of you who are well connected ABOVE, I do ask with humility for your prayers of intercession.

On the lighter side, I still have 11 days to run and play golf. I have already registered for the PSE Bull Run 2009 - Takbo para sa Ekonomiya on 18Jan09. See you guys!

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