Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Negative Split

Much has been spoken, written and blogged about the subject that I told mayself today, 07Jan09 I will try to put matter into practise and find out for myself the difference. I started my race walk at Ultra at 5:20am and as required, I made an easy start completing the 1st km at 7m 57sec and at about this time it started to drizzle light to heavy. Distance and time logged were 2km=7m34s 3km=7m27s 4km=7m23s 5km=7m22s. At about this time I needed somehing to push me harder or happen and by luck Geraldine of the UP track team joined me for her warm up jogged giving me reason to increase my pace to catch-up with her. Resultant was 6km=6m59s 7km=6m53s at this stage Geraldine stopped her warm-up which resulted to a slower 8km=7m06s 9km=7m03s and finally 10km=7m00s. Negative Split was attained with the 1st half to be 37m43s and the 2nd half to be 35m01s for the 10km=01h12m44s. I did not break my PR of 01h10m35s but by theory this is how a run should be done a Negative Split and hopefully a Positive Result.

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