Sunday, January 18, 2009

Failure to Deliver - Organizers PSE Bull Run 2009

The first race of the calendar year BULL RUN 2009 “Takbo para sa ekonomiya” was a GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT in the manner the event was handled by the organizers of the event for PSE.

Even before the starting BELL for the run was sounded, all probable symptoms for a possible mishandling of the event was already manifested in the manner the distribution of race kit was done. Being the first race of the year, the community was all excited for the run to return to their usual race fitness after a long hiatus during the holiday season. So many registered early only to be disappointed and be told to return daily to get their kit and in the end to be told to get their kit on the race day itself. Some have spent even 5 times more than the registration fee for actual cost of fuel and parking to keep on returning to get their race kit. There were even mix-up and/or shortage of bibs that you find runners sporting different bibs as to the race they were entered into.

At 5:30am the announcer asked all 10K participants to check-in which was good , however, the said announcer was more like a carnival MC saying things that I felt was a trying hard entertainer rather than an MC to give order and information prior to a race. Worst, all 10K runners were barricaded at the starting line near a FULL BLAST sound system that has kept everybody placing their hands on their ears to avoid eardrum injury.

Bell was sounded and race started. The shortfalls did not end there it was just starting. At an intersection about 400 meters from the starting line with a great number of runners still packed together, a crazy bike rider crossed the mass of runners IN FULL VIEW of at least six marshals who instead of going after the crazy rider just watched him crossed the line. Adding insult to injury, runners shouted on the motorcycle driver who got back with a dirty finger to all, again, marshals just watched and enjoyed the scene. All along the route there was no management of the traffic that runners were competing for the right of the road. The only positive thing I could mention here is the adequacy of the water stations. Even down to the finish line chaos was the name of the game, there were not enough marshals to man the chute that mix up for 5K and 10k runners occurred. Worst the line was about 50 meters long which I do not understand why they cannot get the numbers as fast as the runners were coming in to end the race.

I have great sympathy to my dear personal friend Atty. Francis Lim who is the President of PSE who has all the good intentions and the event cost PSE quite a sum only to be short changed by the organizers whom they have deployed.

I hope the 1st race of the year is not a sign of what the other races of the year will come. To the organizers, do justice to your sponsors who have spent a sizeable amount to built up their corporate image and for their love of the sport and for the joy of the running community.


  1. would you believe that the same race organizer will be the one who will administer the philippine marathon for pasig river? nice post & i like your pictures

  2. at last, i could make a comment to your blog baldrunner

  3. Jovie don't pull my leg! If it is true, then this organizers will have an International shame in their hands.

  4. Sorry to hear that pathetic story Sir...I heard some of those stories from our buddies here in Laguna who were there yesterday. I have now 2nd thoughts in joining the phil. marathon for pasig river. If their last year is worst, maybe this year is scary. We're fortunate to be in the tnf thrill of the trail yesterday, where we enjoyed pollution-free and well organized race.(Although bone and knee breaking!)

    God bless.

  5. There are reality people who are "blessed" you choose the right race! Sorry for us.