Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learning Back to Walk - Rehabilitation

Today 27Jan09 was my first day of trying to return my life to its normal daily routine schedule. After much discussion and long processes of negotiation with my wife, I was so thankful that she has understood my feelings and allowing me to slowly return to my daily work-out.

For the very first time HERMIE, accompanied me at the Ultra to make sure that I stick to my promise that no extra unnecessary effort will be exerted but instead just to walk and stretch the muscles by a simple walk around the oval. We arrive later than my usual time as it was already about 6:15am with so many usual runners already in the oval.

The lady guard greeted me and gave her two tickets and signed the logbook. To my wife’s surprise and unsolicited comments/jokes after, the guard told me to better get my senior citizen’s ID so that I need not be paying always the P29.00 entry fee. I just smiled, deliberating with myself if I should correct the lady guard, but, in the end decided against it and instead just wish her a great morning. While going down the oval, my wife started her jokes and comments regarding the incident. In reality I am just 58 years old, I still have 2 years before my senior citizenship! Well I guess that’s what you get when you have less hair to show on top of your head.

My wife and I agreed that in as much that this will be my first try at the oval again, I will just WALK in the real sense of the word. Off we started. Before we could complete a single round, Mjr. Espejo approached us as he was already busy doing the warm up for the elite runners of the Bald Team. Mjr. Espejo, Michael, my wife and I did a couple of round while having small talk until both guys need to finish their instructional work with the elite bald team that required them to drop off. Less than 200 meters after, my wife have to sit it out as she really does not enjoy walking and the sun was already getting high. Then I am back to my own self, the SOLITUDE AND JOY OF WALKING.

It was then that I was approached and met Ms. KIM whom BR has highly spoken to me about. I was quite surprised and glad that she asked of my health and wishes me well for a speedy recovery. Thank you Ms. Kim.

After 00h 53m 21sec I had to stop as my wife’s facial expression where clearly asking me without even words being uttered that it was time to go home. To my great disappointment, I looked at my Polaris that it just registered 2.7km for the duration of the walk time. However, we earlier had two rounds in the oval (800 meters) that was when I forgot to switch on the foot pod of my Polaris. Even so if I sum up both walk it was only a miserable total of 3.5km for about 01h 07m 00s it was not just walking, but more so like CRAWLING like a snail. I knew I could do better, but, with my wife’s watchful eyes I need to be patient as I need more time until my blood gets used to circulate in my arteries with its foreign bodies.

Overall, it was a great feeling to start walking again. Give me time guys! I am just like a child learning to walk again. Thank you, to my wife for your understanding.


  1. take it easy, dad. however way you look at it mother IS right..you just have to do it GRADUALLY. im really glad that she went with you. i can just imagine mom and her aversion to direct sunlight.. good thing she didnt bring an umbrella hehe. anyways, one baby step at a time ok :-). even if it feels like you are crawling and can do better, there's no point to stress yourself, more so your heart, as it is a rehab process after all. talk to u later! luvyah, dawn

  2. Dear Dawn - Thanks, but, one thing I am sure is that I'll be with you in LA on 25May09 and I shall finish that marathon. This is what motivates me now and gives life a goal and a purpose. Do not worry, I do not have a death wish! I have so many people around me that I love and care for.

  3. amado, you must be crazy! barely a week after your procedure and you are now back to ULTRA? you are "hardcore"! now i know who is really the "boss" around! hehehe! i may not be your doctor, but just imagine that you are a beginner again and let you "cut" heal completely and have those "tiny balloons" adapt to your system. watchout on your diet and mantain a SOP (i'll tell the story about the SOP once i'll see you personally) welcome back & have a good day. btw, buy a hat with a wide brim for the "boss" and encourage her to join you in your recovery walks.

  4. Nice to hear from you Jovie! Now you really got my curiosity of what "SOP" is? Ilook forward to see you soon.