Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1000 Km Membership

Two person that I could easily site to have been inspiration in my daily endeavour in Running /Walk Racing are Gen. Jovinal Narcise (aka Bald Runner) and Major Ferdinand Espejo of the Bald Runner Team.

Bald Runner as the local running community is aware of has this “ 1000 km club” that he has been propagating in his blog site http://baldrunner.com Complete mechanics and purpose why he has been advocating runners to logged as much mileage can be found at http://baldrunner.com/1000-km-club/ it is open to all running enthusiasts.

Sometime early this month both gentlemen presented me with the “Finishers T-Shirt” and membership to “The 1000 km Club”. As of End December 2008 I have already logged 4,716.04km which I started counting from 27Apr07. The reward as what Bald Runner suggests is to treat yourself to a spa, massage, or anything that will make your continued running as comfortable as possible. The catch is “at your own expenses”. Anyways, inspirational idea like this with small memorabilia like a T-Shirt, a small recognition speaks a thousand words and is like a fuel that inspires you to run which money cannot buy. I do treasure that T-shirt which has a special place in my closet.

Thank you Bald Runner.


  1. Hello, Golfer / Runner / Lover (a.k.a. Amado),

    So good to see your blog and to be able to witness a slice of your ever interesting life.

    It's as great as well to see the "50 pound and going" lighter you with Hermie as blooming and gorgeous as ever. And the beautiful picture of your charming family speaks a thousand words.

    Best regards to you and Hermie and wishing you both and the rest of the family the best of the new year!


  2. Dear Fe,

    Thank you for visiting and I am looking forward to our household reunion on Satuday 17Jan09. As ever, we miss you guys but also the FOOD that is really so good always in your house.

  3. Hi Amado, we look forward in seeing you on Jan 17 for our reunion. Linda and I will pray that everything will be ok on your medical check up. Please do take care of your health and we miss you a lot at the famous valley golf course. Regards to Hermie and God bless. Lito

  4. Dear Lito,

    Looking forward this coming Saturday. Thanks for the concern. I play golf now only once a week as my race walking is more health related. Best wishes to Linda.

  5. Congrats to you brother...Continue blogging and running! God bless.


  6. Dear Ronnie,

    I've been searching for people who are "well connected" to the PERSON ABOVE, I could safely assume that you are one of those even just with aka "runnerforchrist" please pray for my scheduled angiogram on 22Jan09. See you at the races...