Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Before and After - Why Do We Run?

Last Monday 26Jan09, I visited and came across the article "Before and After - Why Do We Run? See For Yourself" It was nice to see people who have decided to change their life style and have actually succeeded in the difficult world of losing weight. All of whom did it by means of "RUNNING" the cheapest and most effective way of losing weight and in the process gaining self confidence.

I wish to share my picture BEFORE when I was 200 lbs!

This time I wish to share my picture AFTER when I am now at 147lbs!

It was not an easy and instant process. But, it can be done. All you need is a pair of RUNNING SHOES.


  1. amado, some reps of push-ups & sit-ups before taking a bath will make you look like vin diesel in a few weeks. watchout with your diet, man! you look 5-7 yrs younger now! go! go! go! onwards to la marathon. see you soon!

  2. Jovie - Thanks sir and I am looking forward to see you soon. We will both be at LA on May, that's for sure. Have to talk to you on some private matters.