Saturday, January 24, 2009

Before and After Angioplasty with Stents

The pictures shows in detail the LEFT ANTERIOR DESCENDING ARTERY as well as the LEFT CIRCUMFLEX ARTERY both of which clearly showing between 70-80% blockage which necessitated for intervention by BALLOONING and insertion/implant of Two (2) STENTS to allow clear passage of blood.

The picture now shows a CLEAR artery after the implant of two (2) STENT overlapping one another.

The picture above shows the RIGHT CORONARY ARTERY with the location of the blockage.

After the STENTING (1 pc) it is quite clear that the RIGHT CORONARY ARTERY has clear blood passage.

This will be my last posting with respect to my angioplasty and by Monday I should be released from the hospital and slowly go back to my daily routine. I can not wait to put on my running shoes, however, it will be a slow process until I could be in my competitive self. I need patience at this stage and not over do my self.

I wish to take this opportunity thank my wife (HERMIE) who has patiently put up with my demand and tantrums but in spite of all has taken good care of me, my children, my Apos, my family and relatives, my doctors, members of CFC, my friends here and abroad, the Bald Running Team, my office staff and even those that I barely know but have in their own special way offered their silent prayer for my recovery. TO ALL OF YOU ..... THANK YOU and I should and will definitely be back on my usual running blog by next week. I hope I still have sufficient time for training for my LA Marathon on 25May09. I LOVE YOU ALL.


  1. sir, very interesting blog and inspiring one. Good to know that you did not allow your health challenges to overcome you! Have a very senior friend at 80 and his heart is on pacemaker, he walks a lot, used to be topping races, swim, surfs and kayaks regularly! I am sure you do have a spirit like him. cheers!

  2. Dear Witchkitty,

    Thanks for dropping by, It so nice to hear that inspiring words from young people like you are. Once you are at age the only driving force is the SPIRIT for the BODY to react. Without the spirit, the body just deteriorate faster tahn usual. See you around the races.